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Tomick rode silently, Sunhigh's buckskin hide bright in his eyes. He kept an eye out, but once they left the city, he relaxed a little more. The wilderness, while it was filled with its own dangers, didn't worry him so much as the desperation of city folk. He kept an eye on Whisper from the corner of his gaze, knowing that it must be hard to leave her sister behind, and from the other corner, kept an eye on the jungle around them.

The sun rose slowly, and light clouds scudded across the sky. It would rain later that day, but it would be the warm jungle rain, swift downpours and breaking into sun once again. The road was mostly dry, just damp enough that the horses left clean imprints of their hooves in the dirt. Nothing was out of order just yet, but Tomick remained sharply on the outlook anyways.

Brian, riding next to Tulius, was obviously an unskilled rider. His hands fumbled a the reins, and his heels tilted up as often as down. He was unbalanced and barely able to keep a proper seat. Lucky, placid and patient, for the line of breeding he came from, only tossed his head now and then, adjusting for the bad riding of his new owner. "So, Sir Exelder, why are you coming? Are you going all the way to the east?"
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