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Brian smiled widely, and shook Exelder's hand. "Brian, sir. Brian Corsar." Whisper's call came then, and swiftly, the young man mounted up onto Lucky. He patted the horse's neck, soothingly, though the horse didn't need calming. He was at ease. Sunhigh pranced as Tomick swung into the saddle, half rearing once he was seated, but it was all just extra energy. He calmed swiftly, falling in beside Wraith without trouble as they rode out.


Echo remained tucked against Shayne's side, watching them ride off, until they were out of sight. She sighed, feeling as though her heart was heavy and her eyes brimming with tears that she stubbornly refused to let fall. After a moment longer, she hugged Shayne and left, heading back towards her own tent. Maybe Shayne didn't need much sleep, but she was still exhausted, and it showed in the circles around her eyes. Plus, she had nowhere else to turn at the moment. She wanted comfort, and Shad was the only one able to give it.

Shayne, his eyes alight with fire, made his way to get breakfast, knowing that the cooks would be up and about their duties by now.

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