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Exelder looked at the young man that he would be riding with alongside the familiar visages of Whisper and Tomick. The lad seemed untried, but true-hearted even as he looked upon the Lorelei family, unaware of Exelder's scrutiny. The boy will get larger. But that's still a ways off. At least he seems a friendly sort. Clout's reins in hand, the Tulius extended his leather gloved right hand to Brian. I'm Exelder Tulius. I assume that we'll be riding a ways together. He smiled in a friendly manner. A light smile played across his lips, friendly but still waking up. It was obvious that he wasn't Whisper or Shayne.

Whisper nodded to her father's words, grinning as Echo stepped away to move to her lover to issue parting words. The jealousy she had felt so long ago about the way Echo had embraced Tomick had evaporated completely, enveloped in the security that was Tomick's regard for her. The words between them were unheard and the paladin did not bother to pry, unconcerned. Instead, her father's large arms wrapped around her, squeezing her tight as she wrapped her arms around him to give him a rough hug in return. She let him go as he pulled away, catching her left hand. The red stoned ring on her thumb glittered brightly even in the weak dawn light. She blinked away the moisture that threatened her own eyes as she looked into his. I won't cry. I won't cry. Her thoughts were her battle mantra. The woman simply nodded and kissed her father's weathered cheek before she stepped free from him with a final look, love for him in her eyes.

She swallowed and sucked in a breath, bringing calm and composure. Mount up! We ride! It was the best way to let them know that it was time to leave home once more.

((OOC: You can give Brian a few lines to Exelder if you want and then start a new thread on the roads to Randatria or I'll start a new thread. Your choice. Just let me know where.))
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