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Echo listened to her sister, but hid her face against her chest, tears burning in her eyes. Her arms tightened around Whisper's waist as she took a deep breath and dared to look up into icy blue, glacier eyes. She knew that the small lecture and reminders were her sister's way of being able to leave, but each felt like a stone weighting upon her shoulders. She had never had to worry about it all before. She hadn't ever thought of the fact that she would have to make herself eat. And she would now have to be careful in how she split her time, because both the Court and the Order needed her and they would be at odds. I am my own third party.. She held back her tears though, swallowing and keeping her voice strong as she forced herself to loosen her hold on her sister. "I'll do my best, Whisper. I love you, too."

Shayne, leaving the others, came to his daughters and hooked his arms around both of them. His voice was quiet. "I know you'll do me proud, Whisper. Carry your message well." He had already hooked the written tale that he had sat down and written out to Wraith's saddle. "And take some time to train that man at your heels. He needs somebody to help him work those bruises out of his skin." Purposely, he had raised his volume slightly, and Tomick grinned, knowing that the Mad Lion had picked up on his stiff movements.

Echo slipped away after tightening her arms in one last hug of her sister. She stepped over to Tomick, her arms going around his neck, even as he smiled, one arm looping around her waist. She pulled his head down just enough to whisper into his ear. "If she gets hurt, Tomick, I swear I will hunt you down. Keep her safe for me." Dark eyes widened at the malice in that tone, but, as ever, Tomick maintained his calm.

"I will protect her as much as she allows me, Echo. You know that. But even I cannot keep her from battle if we come upon it." His own voice was quiet, to travel only to her. Echo sighed, disappointed in her failure to intimidate the man. She was losing her touch. Tomick grinned at her, tightening his hug. "Don't worry, little wildcat. We'll be back." He let her go after a moment, heading towards Sunhigh.

Shayne looked at Whisper for a moment, and pulled her into a crushing hug. Tears burned behind his eyes, but did not fall. He pulled away after a moment, and gripped her hand, eyes falling to the thick ring. "Give it stories to tell, Whisper. You make an old man proud." He knew that she would understand.
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