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Exelder rolled his eyes. He had thanked Shayne for saddling the horse, not for the job. Responsibility would be a heavy weight as it always was. But by the time he would have argued with the older lion, the young messenger was already getting himself in trouble by riling up the horses. He sighed softly as Shayne went to check on Wraith. The large horse was as imposing as ever.

The Tulius patted his mare on the neck gently as he watched the others begin to say their goodbyes. Out of all of them, he knew that it would be hardest on Whisper and Tomick, leaving their families behind. Exelder had left his family so many times over his years that this seemed like nothing. Letters would be exchanged and visits would occur. The opening left by his late father would be gradually filled though never forgotten. That he could be given this position by the Mad Lion himself was both a burden and an honor. I am well-traveled and well-connected to here and the North. Hearing that Sir Philip survived and took over the North... I'll have to send some letters his way to get more word in case there is some aid that I can send from the soon-to-be-mine Stronghold. Ah, Leosine, I only pray that I am worthy enough to guide those souls that you've entrusted to my care.

Whisper wasn't at all surprised as Echo glomped onto her the second she came into view. She did not hesitate to return the embrace. I'm glad to be leaving. It came out softly. But I'm not glad to be parted from you. She squeezed Echo more tightly for a few seconds. Make sure you remember to eat well while I'm gone because you have to eat to stay strong. Don't stay at Court all day long or your brain will rot and you'll lose all of your muscles. Don't let Shad get out of line because he'll think that getting an inch should mean that he can take a mile. If any other man tries to give you a hard time, a few swift stabs to the gut usually reminds them that 'No' does mean no. Don't let Father sit on his thinking rock for too long and make sure he eats too while I'm gone. He gets too tied up with working on rebuilding that he'll probably skip a few because 'he's busy' and 'busy' means that you should whine at him until he does what you say. You're better at it than I am anyway. And when you're feeling heartsick, think about me. If that makes you feel too lonely, then pray. If that doesn't work, then hope instead because at least you'll be thinking optimistically. I love you, Echo. I miss you already. She smiled, blinking the moisture out of her eyes. This was their first real separation since the year of her paladin journey. It seemed so long ago, but it truly wasn't. Echo just never seemed strong enough on her own for Whisper to feel comfortable leaving her like this. The sisterly sermon was the best she could do for her younger sister.
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