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Whisper awoke early and lay in the comforting circle of Tomick's arms. She smiled as she looked at his calm face, eased in sleep, his pale eyelashes resting against his tanned complexion. The bruises on his body stood out darkly now that they had had a night to deepen. She found herself wincing in sympathy. He would probably have a rough ride in the day ahead. There it was, that moment where she didn't want to leave and yet wanted to leave all in the same moment. There was a mission to accomplish. She had a purpose, to lead a small group to the Mane to report on the happenings of the Phenvast Order. Her home had fallen apart while she had been gone and all that remained were the broken pieces of her life and she desperately wanted to flee that. But in the same breath, Tomick's arms around her, a soft bed beneath her, her father and sister at close reach once more, it was still hard to leave.

The paladin sighed softly and turned her head enough to nestle her face against her lover's throat as her hands smoothed up his back, holding him close. She figured he'd feel her movement immediately and be awake at once so she didn't hesitate to speak. It's time to get up, lover. Her voice was low and still filled with sleep. Even so, she loosened her arms around him once more and pulled herself back enough to place a gentle kiss on his lips and extricate herself from his still lax grip.

From there, it was a simple thing to ready herself. Clothing was pulled on, boots tied tight, hair brushed out, teeth cleaned, and face washed. Armor and weapons would be picked up at the Lion's camp, a claymore borrowed to replace the one that was stolen. A pang of regret hit her them for her lost blade, but there was little she could do about it at this point. It would come back to her. Somehow.


Shad woke as Echo shifted against him to get up when no one else in their right mind would. His eyes cracked open, watching her move about the tent for a bit. Oh that's right. Whisper's leaving today. I heard that somewhere. Send her my best. He spoke quietly, his voice a groggy thing, and closed his eyes once more, settling back against the bedroll as he moved to occupy her space in it, breathing in the court perfume that had clung to her, the scents of the delicate foods that had floated around her, and the last vestiges of her body heat.


Exelder got to the stables first, having prepared to get his own horse ready. The man was in his mid-forties, not having married, his blond hair cut short though it was still enough to wave alongside his ears and the back of his head. Over the last few months he had decided to grow a small beard around his mouth and was pleased with the results. Though he was muscled, he was more towards the lean side, the broadsword his weapon of choice, unlike his late father who had preferred the rapier. His placid gray eyes were still sleepy as he made his way into the stables, realizing with a start that his horse was already saddled. Uh. The monotoned syllable brought his mind fully alert. His armor creaked mildly as he straightened his posture and his eyes caught a glimpse of Shayne and his youngest daughter. Oh, Shayne, Echo. Good morning.

An affable smile crossed his face. He'd lost some of his courtly manners during the siege on their Order, dropping the Sir and Lady titles in favor of a shorter address of the two individuals, one of which still looked tired. I didn't expect Clout to already be saddled, but you have my thanks, Shayne. The courser mare whinnied her greeting, flicking her tail with impatience.

The man moved to stroke the horse's nose, letting her lift her head to lip at his hair, a grin finding his calm face. He glanced at the Mad Lion from the side of his face. I still don't understand why you want me for the job, but I'll take it.


Whisper glanced at her pack and nodded. Everything was accounted for that she'd need. Are you ready, Tomick? We should probably head down to the stables now. I'll bet that Father's already there with the horses saddled. She smiled lightly, her heart doing sommersaults of nervousness. The pre-mission jitters, no doubt.
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