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Brian nodded at Whisper, mumbling a goodnight before making his way to his tent that he had been lent to him. Crawling into the bedroll, he shivered for a moment, before warming and falling asleep in a content comfort of his own strength, and the faith in his god.


Tomick was leaning back in the bath, staring up at the ceiling. It was not until Whisper spoke that he raised his head, blond hair drooping into his face. There was a slight light in his eyes that sparked up as he saw Whisper. But her question made him slip the slightest bit deeper into the cooling water. His voice was tired. "I got three hits in on the man. And I swear, Whisper. He let me to save my ego..." With a groan, he pulled himself upright, splashed his face with water and then stood, stepping out of the tub and reaching for one of the towels. He dried himself swiftly, dropping the towel as he pulled Whisper into a hug.

"Come, love. We've one last night to spend comfortably in each others arms before we're back on the road." His kiss was soft and fierce as he curled up with her in his arms.


It was a long party, and it took quite a while for Echo to make her way from the castle. She turned down an escort back to the Leosine camp with a smile, adn the nervous looking guard who had offered smiled at her with a bit of relief. Her movements were quiet as she made her way through the already sleeping camp. With a sigh, she slid into her tent, smelling of nobles, perfumes clinging to her clothing and hair. She didn't like it. But it wouldn't be avoided. I've got to get some more clothes... She didn't know how long it would take to get a magic teacher. With a grumble, she curled up against Shad, tired, grumpy, and feeling like he had taken advantage of her. She ignored anything he might have said, and collapsed instantly into sleep. Echo wanted to see Whisper off the next morning, and that meant early rising. She would not enjoy that.


The next day

Shayne was up before anybody else. It was his way. As he had gotten older, it seemed he needed less and less time for sleep. His god kept him awake. His thoughts were still as he moved through the stables, readying the horses for the party he was sending off today. Wraith and Sunhigh were uppity, but his steady hand calmed them before he saddled up Exelder's horse as well. They stood, tied and ready to go as he stepped back inside to choose from the four trained horses he was willing to give to the young messenger. Their temperaments ran through his mind as he moved from bay, to grey, to palimino. He stopped at the last. It had been a reckless breeding, but the horse had turned out well. A splattered mix of black and white, with heavy feathering around his hooves, it had been a mix been his beloved first warhorse and a gypsy's mare. The colt had taken his dam's pattern and his sire's color. Older than the others, he was calmer, and while still fiery, steady in any situation. He was also smaller, having mixed with a riding horse rather than full warhorse.

With a soft sigh, Shayne led the compact horse from his stall, and saddled him, the black leather almost the same color as the horse's coat. He flipped the hood of his cloak up against the chill of the morning air as he stood outside with the four mounts, waiting for their riders to come.

As the sun's light began to turn the horizon grey, A small, musical figure approached him. "Echo..." she pulled her hood down, looking up at him with tired blue eyes, and shook her head. The old man nodded, pulling her close to him with one arm, sharing the feeling of sending Whisper away with her silently.
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