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Whisper nodded to the boy as he came free from the Victory Shrine, the lesson that he had learned clear on his youthful face. A half smile graced her homely, rough-featured face, knowing full well that Leosine made her rather masculine features elegant in His light. As it was, the paladin enjoyed seeing the sort of faces that Brian wore now, one that was transformed, one that was new. I have shown Leosine to so many now that I would think that I would have gotten used to such faces, but... no. I still like it. Their eyes unclouded, their purpose solidified, their path laid out, and their faith renewed.

Her smiled widened. It's late now, Brian. I'll leave you here now. Remember to meet me in the stables at first light. We will be setting out early. I'll find a good horse for you. She took her leave gracefully, her cat-like stride smooth and quiet. One last night to enjoy a bed... and some privacy... Her smile turned wicked as she thought about her lover and headed towards the Keep.

The guards let her in with little fuss and she strode purposefully down the hallway. Most of the nobility either ignored her or stared blatantly. She did not pause nor turn to acknowledge any of them. As far as she was concerned, they meant nothing in the greater scheme of things. Faithless whiners who pursued their own personal desires as opposed to the will of God, they were the Court. She simply ignored the fact that, regardless of her opinions, Tomick had been born into it. It was easier to label him otherwise than accept that it was apart of him. It wasn't long before she stood before his door and opened it.

Greased, it moved easily and silently as it should. A soft sound of water let her know that someone was home. She removed her boots quietly and stealthily advanced on the bathing room. She peered around the doorframe and caught the image of her lover sporting several new bruises. I hope you gave him hell in return, yeah? The rest of her came into view as she stood leaning against the doorframe, her arms crossed, her lips smug. There weren't too many that could cause Sir Tomick to wear so many dark spots. Her father was probably pretty unscathed.


Echo must have known him. Rhondo gave her a bow and left her. She knew he was okay and had infiltrated the circles of the lowborn of the castle. The night proceeded fairly standardly. He carried drinks and memorized faces. It was a good place to begin. When the party was over, he simply found a spot to shift his appearance and the guard that came in with Echo left the Keep once more. Now that the guards at the door had recognized him once more, it would be a simple thing to get in the next day. Shad would be pleased. Rhondo went home to his hovel.


Shad had come back to the tent after a while of contemplation. His mind was silent and his anxieties had been quelled to some extent. He lay on his back, his arms pillowing his head as he waited for Echo to come back to him. A glance to the side reminded him that he was horrible at folding clothes as his shirt still didn't look right. He frowned slightly as he thought about how hard he worked to try to fold the garment. Men should just not fold things... His mutter fell flat in the silence even as he moved to itch his bare stomach before readjusting his arms behind him once more.

A snort came from his nose as he exhaled heavily. When is she going to show up? Do they have to stay out until dawn? He was only irritated because he didn't want to go to sleep before she got back and he was tired.


Exelder had packed what he needed for the trip the next day and sat on his bedroll looking at the small pack that contained everything that he had left in the world other than his family. Unmarried, he had gone through life according to his father's wishes. So many things had changed in so little time that it felt like he was starting over again without his father to guide him. Randatria's Order would soon be under his wing and he only hoped that he was up to the task. It was a scary thought.

He lay down and closed his eyes, trying to get some sleep before dawn.
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