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He bit his lip to keep from crying out as Leosine spoke. To him. He was not even a knight, but the God had spoken to him. He barely heard Whisper as she spoke, leaving him alone in the room with the glowing altar, the eyes of his god upon him, his knees quivering slightly even as he forced himself to keep his feet.

It was several long minutes before the young man could bring himself to move, to be steady on his own feet, let alone to actually leave the room. He watched, catching glimpses of the tales that were left in this room as shadows to the devout, praying silently as he could not make words leave his throat. But before too long, he was making his way back from the halls. Upon seeing Whisper at the entrance, his eyes lit up, not only with the reverence he had gained, but with admiration. "Thank you... Sir Whisper." Awe colored his tones.


Tomick slid down into his bath, his body aching, covered in new bruises from his training match with Shayne. The older man had soundly whipped him, easily. You call yourself a Lion? Beaten by a man older than your father... He winced as the water soaked away the sweat from his skin,the heat easing muscles that had tightened with the beating they had received. The paladin knew that he would undoubtedly do the same thing again. It was what he needed in order to beat Whisper. He had to win her.


Echo was discussing what song to play next with the lute-player when the green-eyed servant came up to her, offering her a glass of the chardonnay that was cycling through the party. Without thinking, she smiled brightly at the servant. "Thank you, sir. Very kind of you." Subtly, she raked over him, searching, as she had while singing for the albino draconian that she had slipped int the castle. This servant was unfamiliar, but she didn't know all of the servants. Some of the personal ones of nobles had been added to the main castle staff.

At the same time, she laughed at herself inwardly. Why was she looking? It was all on Rhondo now. She didn't need to help him. As a servant in this castle, he could get nearly anywhere, and find all of his information on his own. So, she curved her lips into a knowing smile at the servant, sipped at the drink he had brought by, and batted her eyes slightly. If it was Rhondo, he would think he knew it was him. If it wasn't... well, everybody knew that the she was the court Flirt as well as the bard.
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