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The breath of a suggestion, almost a command whispered over Brian. Then stand. It was not a voice, yet it was a voice. Nothing could be heard audibly, but it could be felt. The heat seared through him, scrutinizing the young man even as it brusquely accepted him as its own. The wound sealed and the heat faded, leaving him newly scarred.

Whisper watched, feeling the subtle shifting of the air currents of the chamber. The tips of her hair moved gently even though no wind blew. A half smile graced her face as she studied the young man. Heed carefully what you've just been through. Never forget your calling and be true to your God. A paladin's only desire is to be close to God and bring others to know what is right. Her words were rooted in experience as her memories flitted through the first time she had brought Tomick to this place as well as the incident at the Randatrian Shrine. She could not regret the death of Sir Ichs for it had served a purpose and now she knew that it had been a bigger purpose than she had ever realized before the attack on the Order.

The dark haired woman turned from the altar, leaving the lantern behind for Brian. I will wait for you at the entrance of the Shrine. Come when you are ready. She left, giving the lad some time to experience the Victory Shrine on his own. Whisper, despite her rather average seeing abilities, knew her way through the passageways of the Shrine as if it were a set of streets she walked upon every day. She was not afraid of the dark. This Shrine was a womb and she was rebirthed into the world once more every time she departed from the altar's presence.


Rhondo's drink tray was balanced expertly on his hand, his bent arm fluid despite the angle. It was the best way to keep everything from spilling, arm just loose enough to move side to side in a small, gentle sway. Had he locked it, everything would have come tumbling down in a matter of moments. The draconian in human guise had experienced many things in his lifetime. After Echo finished her song, he decided to see if she could recognize him in his new disguise. His face was stoic, just like the ones most servants seemed to wear knowing that they would see many things that they would have wished to avoid that night. Lord such-and-such who passed out drunk upon one of the divans by the wall. Lady this-that who was made flatulent from the consumption of too many melons from the hors d'oeuvres. A grand old time that only proves once again that breeding does not necessarily make a person better than any common guttersnipe.

His walk was slightly stilted seeming as the human legs were hard to bend in the illusion because his draconian true legs did not bend in quite the same manner. His blond visage bobbed his head in greeting to the bard. May I offer you a chance to slake your thirst, my lady? His green eyes would not betray even a hint of his true identity as he kept them as dull as his expression. She would provide him a sign if she felt like if she even recognized him to begin with.
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