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The way she spoke, the way she moved without hesitation, mixed with the heavy feeling of Presence in the room already, was almost too much for the young man. He shifted nervously, forcing himself to step closer, muttering under his breath. "A Lion does not feel fear, little boy... there is nothing here to fear-" His eyes widened as she cut her hand, but he was riveted by the power that she seemed to glow with. This was the Mad Lion's daughter, he knew, and she now was holding just as much power as her father. Swallowing, Brian finally made it to the dim glow of the altar, reaching out hesitantly to touch the gilded stone.

Her prayer finished, and Brian's eyes raised to her hand. The scars that crisscrossed the palm were smooth and even with the skin, but silvery, and the newest seemed to shine brighter than the rest. His green eyes seemed to widen even more. One hand still clasped the medallion that each initiate was given, but his other fumbled at his belt for the dagger that sat sheathed next to his sword. Fear ran through him, but it only sent adrenaline through his veins. This was the side of the Order than he had never seen, of blood and battle. Is this the true face of Leosine? Has the east been lying to us all? the Mad Lion is respected, even there. He has done much in his life. All the stories... Stories that were barely remembered, but had still left an impression, stories that had made an impression on the boy as a child.The reckless charge into a nest of vipers armorless, only for Shayne to come out bloodied but having killed twenty... Fables he knew, stories that had been blown out of proportion. But this was the daughter. She had followed her father's footsteps... and became a paladin at his age, and openly displayed her allegiance by the black tattoo on her face.

Finally managing to get the dagger from its sheath, Brian pulled his hand from the medallion and sliced across it, slightly deeper than intended because his hand shook slightly. Blood splashed onto the altar, only to be absorbed, and he felt the air around him pulse, felt as though he was being scrutinized. Words spilled from his lips, fumbled and stuttered, but filled with belief. "Leosine... lord of battle... uh grant me the strength..." His words fell into a stuttered fumble, but he pressed his hand against the altar, sincere in his belief in the god, the wish to be as the woman in front of them was, to be strong, to be all that it meant to be the perfection in God's eyes.

Heat seared across his palm, a burning sensation that was intense. He bit back a cry, making a small sound of shock instead, arms shaking as he kept his knees from collapsing.


Echo had slid into the room with ease, dancing among the nobility. She greeted them, and quietly, over trays and other things were carried, paid her usual attention and greetings to the servants as well. She was a novelty. She was not noble, but the nobility accepted her among them as more than a commoner, and yet she did not act as though this made it odd for her to still be kind to those that served them all. Moving among them, she was a cat among the peacocks. But instead of hunting them, she was sending out waves of calming happiness. After the necessary greetings, she had made her way over to the lute-player, smiling at the fellow musician.

Her voice raised up with the next song, soft enough that she did not intrude upon anybody's conversation, but it seemed that she could be heard in every corner nonetheless. Knowing the ballad by heart, she allowed her mind to wander, worrying slightly about Rhondo. She knew he was a crook, really, but he was making it fine without being involved in the nobility. Did he have the skills to gather the knowledge he needed in order to carry out this plan? Shad did, but Shad would never make it into the Court, even with her at his side. She didn't wish Rhondo to fall if they got caught. And I need to find a magic teacher. I certainly won't find that here. Phenvast hasn't had a court wizard for long before my time... and everybody feared my mother, even without truly knowing she had magic... We'll have to leave... or i will, at least. Shad will probably come with me. i don't long. Nine months is not long...
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