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The boy seemed so confused. There was an awkwardness in his stance. He was willing to stand in this place and not scream or run out despite the heavy presence of God, but he seemed to not be introduced to Leosine at all. Incense? Candles? How does he draw Leosine's attention? What does their Order teach their cubs?

Whisper felt herself fill with pity for the poor creature who stood before her, an initiate so very blind and deaf to his own calling. A portion of her was reminded of Tomick's own venture to the Victory Shrine, a shrine that had been avoided because it was supposedly haunted. Her pale blue eyes were filled with sorrow as she gestured with her hand for Brian to near the altar. You have already drawn God's attention by coming to this place. Do you not feel Him breathing upon you? Do you not feel His eyes upon you no, watching everything you do? Leosine is not the God of perfumes and weak light. Candles and incense will only dilute the purity of His power and regard.

She sighed and brushed her fingers lightly across the gilded surface of the altar once more, a gesture that was natural, comforting and familiar. Her eyes resting upon it, as if seeing God Himself through its earthly presence. How far have Your chosen fallen, my God? How have we forgotten Your ways? My father would weep and then roar with his rage from the lack we now seem to profess as a reality. I see now... how far the Order has fallen. Her voice was soft, sorrowful, even as it seemed filled with her own personal charisma and power, that of a paladin and true believer. That so many do not know God... I feel like weeping, but no lion can cry when there is so much work to be done. She looked back upon the young man who was not much younger than herself, the heated fervor of her religious belief beginning to bubble through her gaze.

Leosine is God. It was a bold statement, issued strongly from her mouth though it did not raise from a soft volume. Through everything you have learned about Him, you have to know that He is the God of War and Bloodshed. He rejoices in the spilling of blood, the trampling of His foes, and revels in victories claimed in His name. He welcomes the strong to His side and denounces the weak, instead building them into new creations of strength in His image. The Lion's Eye is already settled on you, Brian. He watches you now, all your actions and your thoughts. He breathes His mighty breath on you even as you walk so uncertainly towards His altar. Renounce your claim to your body and give it over to your God. Your flesh is His to command. Your mind is His to shape and train, honing you into a fine tool for His hand. Your blood is His to spill as He sees fit. Give freely of the gifts He has given to you, for they were His from the beginning.

She pulled the dagger from her boot and cut her hand with it without even a pause or hesitation in her movements. Blood dripped from her left palm, dribbling upon the altar, the wet splashes of it sounding loud in such a near soundless room. The only other sound was the breath in and out of their lungs. Her eyes maintained their grip on the young man's face even as her blood was absorbed into the golden facade of the holy altar. Her eyes went to the altar again, her voice soft as she issued her prayer. Leosine, my God, hear me, I beg of You. Use me as Your tool, help me to show all those not firmly rooted within You the truth of Your power and divinity. I ask nothing of You other than to allow me to serve You in the capacity You have most need of. Her left hand settled down upon the altar firmly, her eyes closing with the communion with Leosine as her hand slowly began to close once more pressed as it was against the altar of God.

In a manner of seconds, she lifted her left hand, holding it up to let the eerie dim light of the room shine upon another of the silvery scars that seemed to decorate her palm. No trace of blood remained save for that which still graced the blade of her dagger. Icy blue eyes watched Brian's face with as much scrutiny as the presence in the room. What would he decide to do?


Rhondo turned the corner and found an abandoned alcove before he began to shift his appearance. His guard outfit altered itself readily into the blue and white servant's garb he had seen a few men wearing nearby the place that Echo was heading to. The majority of people there seemed to be human so he shifted his face, rounding it more than the lean guardsman face he had possessed before. It was rough to be a servant, but there was no fighting to thin them out so much and good servants would be fed well enough. Blond hair tied back in a tail, green eyes and a thin lipped smile within a mildly pockmarked face, no one would recognize him. He might have been considered handsome in a way if not for all those pockmarks, but it would keep him from being the target of too many remarks.

It was easy to get past the double doors and glance around the room. It was not a large gathering by Court standards, but it was large. Women and men strode about like overly colorful peafowl, plumage-like lace falling from cuff and breast and trailing skirts and coattails. Servants darted about with trays of food and drink as well as towels and bowls of cleansing water for fingers and lips. Should be simple if I can just get my hands on something to get in closer. I should memorize the fashions well. Men more than women, I think. This would be an intelligence mission, he was beginning to realize. Who gambled when and where, who wore what, who would be the best to use as a stair to the upper brackets of nobility? The guise of a servant was easy to wear and easy to go unnoticed in, especially when seen as furniture by all the nobility.
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