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Brian stepped closer to the shrine, his eyes locked on the dim glow of it, the red splash across the top and side. He paused once more, and turned to look at Whisper somewhat as he approached. His eyes circled the room. It was so different in comparison to the shrine room he was used to. Where the room he had grown up with was brightly lit, this was dim, making the golden glow of the altar stand out all the more. The floors and walls were plain, rather than tile murals of stories and deeds. There was no incense. It looked to Brian as if no ceremony had ever been held her. He turned slightly confused eyes onto Whisper once more, standing close to the altar, holding himself there as the strong presence swirled around him. "How... what sort of sacrifice? There is nothing here, no incense or candles... "

He had grown up among pomp and ceremony for the god. And it seemed that this place did not deal with such silliness. But he had thought it necessary. "How does one even draw his attention?" he wasn't sure he even wanted to draw the Lion's attention, though he was trying to relax slightly, despite the pressure and the sense of being watched.


Echo's lips quirked slightly at Rhondo's works. The man would be able to slide into Court without much trouble, if he were able to speak like that. Her eyes twinkled as she looked at him. 'Your company was a pleasure, sir. I'm quite sure we'll meet again. Good eve." Though her face had quickly schooled itself into polite neutrality, her eyes crinkled at the edges with a hidden smile, and she flirted a second as she stepped away, her lips curving a mischievous smile for just enough time to allow him to know she understood. Her feet took her down a side hallway, towards a room that had its double doors thrown wide and the sound of a lute bubbling out of it.
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