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Whisper turned to smile gently at the boy who was obviously nervous. She knew well enough not to laugh at his anxious posture and the tight grasp he had on his medallion. Her smile faded into nuetrality with his question, but she nodded nevertheless. I will not tell him everything about my father and my mother. Some things do not belong to the world at large. They could not understand. I will not let my mother's grave be spat on because of who and what she was. Even I can feel her in this room. Some people my father cared about were killed by those serpents. So he came to hunt them. He found them here. Their sect leader had done the deed personally and, in the name of God, my father came and took his heart, offering it to Leosine, consecrating this altar. Her fingers smoothed across the gold surface as her eyes looked upon it absently for a moment before she cast her pale eyed gaze upon the youth once more, her lips twisting in a small half smile.

Be at ease, Brian. Do not fear the breath of the Lion on your back. If you belong to Him, then let it into you. Offer a sacrifice to Him and know peace. Her voice had softened, as like a priest's as possible without her being one. Whisper took a step back from the altar itself and motioned for him to approach it, that fervor still burning in her face, the eyes of one whom believed in God.


Rhondo gave a small nod. His eyes had taken in several people as they had made their way down the hallway. He had already seen both male and female clothing common to the servants nearby as well as heights and builds and species. He just needed to find a secure place to change and he knew that Echo would have to split with him soon, but he would find her later after he had found a suitable place away from so many potential eyes and ears. I thank you for allowing me the privilege of escorting you back to the Keep, my lady Echo. I must beg your leave now and take up my duties elsewhere. His disguised lips turned up in a smile as he bowed to her, untangling her hand in a gentlemanly manner before doing so. Perhaps I should be so lucky to see you later. It was phrased in such a way to let her know that he would be nearby in disguise at some point, but the camoflauged draconian didn't know if she was all that familiar with these sorts of operations and their subtle verbal codes.
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