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The initiate grinned at her half smile, running a hand through hair that was just a little longer than hers, falling into his eyes. He couldn't quite believe that Shayne Lorelei would be so generous as to give up one of his own horses. It was easy to see that a regular riding horse would not carry the large man well, just as it was for his thick-waisted daughter. They both likely rode warhorses as though they were palfreys. But then she changed topics to the Shrine, and his green eyes widened. Everybody had heard of the Victory Shrine in the West. Some men made their pilgrimages to it. He hadn't even been alive when the Shrine had been consecrated, but it was still known in the east. Just as the Mad Lion's name was.

"I haven't been, Sir, er... ma'am.." He trailed off, not sure how to address her. She was a knight, and paladin, but she was also a female and she was a Lorelei...


Echo smiled brightly as they came upon the western entrance. "Lady Echo." One guard greeted her. "What business have you tonight?"

Her bracelets chimed as she almost danced. "Hopefully nothing that will keep me up too late, sir. Lord Rodney has requested I attend a small gathering and provide singing to accompany the lute player he has. Christopher here was so kind as to fetch me for him." She gestured to the short, stoic guard beside her. It was obvious that the guards had no real suspicion of the woman. The other was already opening the door for her.

"Enjoy your evening, my lady.' The other smiled benevolently as they passed him.

It was easy to see that she was well known and liked by the men. The door shut behind him, and Echo subtly was leading the way towards her destination. A small murmur came from her. "Rhondo, you were planning to end up as a nobleman, yes?" She made sure that her voice would not carry. They were inside the keep, which meant there were ears all over the place.


In the far field, Tomick stood waiting. It wasn't sundown yet, but it would be soon, and Shayne was, in his opinion, late. Not that he'd ever mention it to the old Lion. But he was supposed to be giving him tips, drilling him, fighting him, /something/.

It was only a second later, after Tomick had slid his sword home in its sheath, having warmed up, that hoofbeats sounded. He turned and found Flame, with Shayne atom him, was coming up and fast. The younger man slid to the side, barely avoiding being bowled over by the warhorse. The rumbling growl from atop his back made the horse snort. "You best be ready for anything, Tomick. That Wraith of hers is probably thicker than this one." the horse spun on his hind feet.
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