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Whisper shrugged. I'm sure we can find you one from the stables. It shouldn't be too hard. It would be better for you to have a well rested beast before we set out. I'll ask my father which one we could give you for the trip. You're one of the Order, even if not our sect of it. There is no shame in sharing amongst family. Her half smile flashed across her face quickly. Brian? Have you been to our shrine yet? It's not something you should neglect while you're here. It would be my honor to show it to you if you haven't.

Showing other people the Victory Shrine was something that the woman enjoyed above all else. There was a certain sort of joy she felt when she could introduce a fellow Leosinian to it. The charred, scarred walls, the rusty colored floorboards where blood had seeped through, and then the altar itself, gilded and jeweled from Leosine's own hand, no other shrine had had such care lavished upon it directly by its deity. The paladin could only feel peace when she entered, the presence of God a comfort instead of a threat.


Rhondo nodded to her thanks. You're welcome. He said nothing after that, surprised by the emotion that had been in her voice with her gratitude. He matched his stride as best as he could to hers in order to seem as if he led her towards the Keep instead of the other way around. He was mildly nervous, but that was to be expected. He was pretty sure that he'd be just fine as long as he was able to keep his composure and his wits about him. There was much to do and so little time to do it in, as it always seemed. I just hope that Shad stays out of trouble while I deliberately place myself into it in the hopes of not getting caught.
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