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She doesn't know then... He knew he deserved her doubt. Yeah, I don't look forward to your dad beating me dead, but... He shrugged, bluffing nonchalance. If I survive it, I do. If I don't, then there will be few who mourn me. He gave her a lopsided half grin, feigning what he could not feel.

And don't you worry about me. You go to Court tomorrow and I'll find something to keep me busy while you're doing important things. Maybe have your dad crush me in some practice rounds, hmm? Besides... I'm not much to look at right now. I'm pretty sure that Tomick's clothes will fall off of me soon if I wear them too much longer. You do... whatever it is that you're supposed to do around here and let me worry about myself for a change, alright? You shouldn't let me hold you back. He was hurt more than he let it show, bluffing his smirks and his smiles with practiced ease as he had once for the men he kidnapped with. It was a simple thing really, putting your frame of mind somewhere else. He placed a kiss on the fingers she had laced with his and then slid his hand from hers, moving and stretching to see if he had regained some of his balance. It was all an act, but he had done it before... There was always comfort in familiarity and this place and this world were definitely out of his comfort zone.


The day passed by. Whisper finished her meditation before she reported to Rendo Kel to ask to help with the building of the new Complex. While she was no carpenter, she knew that she was strong enough to carry whatever building materials and hold beams steady. Did you talk to your father first? Rendo looked at her skeptically. He probably has something special that he wants you to do instead.

Whisper arched an eyebrow. Rendo... When have you ever seen my father give me preferential treatment?

The blond Kel snorted as Falda pushed him aside with her good hand. Shut up, Rendo. Let the woman work. I won't turn away her help. The Tulius woman smiled. So what've you a mind to do then, Whisper?

I can carry and hold things. I'm no nail pounder, but I'm strong enough to haul. She shrugged. Whatever you have a need for. I just need to do something.

Falda shrugged. Alright. Help the Regalt girls sort through supplies and deliver 'em to whatever team needs them. Sound good?

Whisper nodded, moving to help Medla, Gina, and Dina sort through the supplies they had pulled together from the ruins of the old Complex and what little they had been able to get from the ruined city below. It was a matter of sorting nails by size and putting them in wooden pails and arranging wood in stacks to be carried off towards the builders. A hasty barracks was being assembled as it was as well as an armory and what would eventually be a council chamber all growing off of the entrance to the Shrine.
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