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Her eyes stared at his chest, blinking slowly. Her peripheral vision could catch the basics of his expression, but that didn't make her think any different. He loved her? How could he love her? This man, this rogue, was somebody who had kidnapped her, and charmed her because of his fiery, 'don't care' attitude, he had dug at her until she had raged upon him, had placed one of the few wounds that her heart held... and now he loved her? She didn't want to look at him, but after he had asked so politely, it would be churlish to not. Slowly, she let him tilt her face until her eyes met his.

A small smile tugged at her lips. "You are still an idiot, silly." She sighed slightly, and turned her mind away from the topic of love, and studied Shad for a moment. "You know he's going to beat you black and blue, and enjoy it, don't you?" Her fingers reached out to gingerly touch the dark bruise on his jaw. "He pulled his strength on this hit. Usually when he moves that fast he shatters bone..." She had seen the injuries that her father sent people off of the fields with. He usually made sure that there was no maiming, but broken limbs, and cracked skulls were not uncommon. Shayne did not have many sparring partners anymore. Echo took a deep breath, reaching for Shad's hand and lacing her fingers with his.

Pushing her feelings down, unsure whether she loved Shad or not, still convinced that she shouldn't grow too attached to him, she started looking at the next day. "I'll have to appear at the Court tomorrow. I'm not sure if you should come with me there just yet... Undoubtedly they will shun anything they don't know, if they are as antsy as it seems...' she was musing aloud again, but looking at him, and at least now she was planning for the future.
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