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Shad's eyebrows raised. Her mannerisms didn't make her out to be "fine." Fine was going back to talking and squealing and running around like she normally did when she was happy. This was not happy. This was... Nervous? Upset? Uncomfortable, to be sure. But something else?

And then she questioned him.

He paused, noticing that she didn't even look him in the eyes. Does my regard for her make her uncomfortable? Well, that's what I'd call it. Yes. 'Love.' What else would you call it when someone changes your life utterly for the better and you suddenly enjoy waking up beside someone on a regular basis? You saved my life, Echo. I threw away every connection I ever made because I didn't want to get hurt. I was in the most terrifying predicament in my life and I was all alone. There was no one anywhere in this great, wide world that cared if I was alive or dead, but you bought my freedom. You made me realize that a life lived alone isn't a life at all. Sacrificing connections in the hopes of security, so no one could take away something I didn't have? You showed me that I was a fool. He sighed softly. I wasn't just talking about Trevin's adoration of Penelope that night by the campfire, Echo.

His fingers reached out to settle lightly against her jaw, trying to tip her eyes up so he could look into them, to try to understand what was going on in her mind if she would let him. Would you at least look at me, Echo? Even if you don't feel the same for me, at least... tell me that I'm still an idiot. A weak smile twitched on his face, but didn't stick there.
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