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Echo stared down at the ground, unsure of how to respond to Shad's question. His hand rubbed over her back, and it was soothing, and at the same time she felt like slipping away from it. She swallowed a bit, and then she managed to shuffle her fears down behind her mask. "I'm fine, Shad. You... were actually quite diplomatic." She smiled a little at him. You were excited about this! not sneaking around with a different boy every week, stealing kisses, worrying about reputations... Everyone would know who you were being courted by and leave you be, save for casual flirtations and such... She swallowed, unable to meet his eyes for a moment.

Twisting, Echo pulled her leg across so that she was facing Shad, and looked at him, bracing herself with her hands on her lower leg, bent on top of the bench. Her voice was almost a little weak. "...Love, Shad?" Blue eyes couldn't quite meet his hazel ones. She stared at his chest instead.
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