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Shayne's eyes narrowed with Shad's movement that put him with an arm around Echo's shoulders. But his lips twitched a little in a smirk as he noted the slight unevenness in the half-elf's equilibrium. His cruel scowl remained though, and his even breathing told Echo, if not Shad, that he was ready to lash out should the other man give him any reason whatsoever.

Listening to his words, the lion blinked slowly, suddenly flashing back to the only time he had ever left Sigh. He remembered the anger he had felt as he learned that she had promised her firstborn son to a demon. The rage that had run through him, that had caused him to run the horse they had gotten almost into the ground. It was not until he'd seen her again, the mysterious Lady Keli that he had felt every ounce of anger drip away from him, replaced by sorrow and regret. He had never left her side for long after that.

His eyes slowly softened. He could not punish a man when he was openly admitting to his mistake. His claim to love Echo was a bit startling, but acceptable. His promise to help her regain her child admirable. Still relaxed, Shayne's stance shifted, less liquid, his gaze scrutinizing Shad now. Echo was staring at the half-elf with wide eyes and a slightly open mouth, shock on her features. Though Shad's words had saved him from a beating, the councilor was still unsure just what to make of him. He had never truly believed that Echo would settle for a single man, she had flitted from one suitor to the next so swiftly. Lord Charles had seemed promising, but still it was apparent that the man had not held Echo's attention. A small smirk twisted his lips, brightening his face immensely, though he was still intimidating. "I can hardly beat a man for a mistake he admits to openly... especially since it is the same as one I made in my own life." Blue eyes met hazel, their gaze searching, seeking to see if the love that Shad spoke of was truly there. He reached out in an offer to shake hands. The movement was more of a command than an offer, and his grip squeezed just the slightest, testing strength. Scanning over the half elf once again, Shayne chuckled darkly. "You best put what muscle you lost back on as quick as you can, half-elf. Until you can at least hold your own against either Whisper or myself in the rings, then you are not fit to protect our beautiful Echo, and if you are not fit to protect her than you certainly are not worth her attentions." His gaze left little doubt that Shayne still did not approve, but he was willing to give the half-elf an opportunity to prove himself.

His crooked smile told Shad that he could expect to be sparring with him before long. Fight averted for the moment, Shayne knew he was needed elsewhere. He looked to Echo. "We haven't much space for sleeping yet, seeing as we're rebuilding. But if you don't wish to sleep in the dorm we've set up in the library of the shrine, then you can pitch a tent in the fields between here and our new site. Echo, I'll need you to help smooth things in Court. You always had fun with their games, and danced to their tunes better than I ever did. But we can start on that tomorrow. Rodney has been doing very well as liaison." He moved close enough to lean in and brush a kiss to her cheek before spinning and walking back towards the bustling activity of cleaning up the area.

Before he rounded the corner, he paused and looked back, gaze snapping to Shad."I will not have bastard grandchildren. You understand just what that means, right, Shad?" He raised an eyebrow, slightly amused and chuckling slightly.

Echo had been standing in shock, and even as she had found her voice again, figured it was better to not interrupt her father. She nodded at his words about needing her help. At his last comment though, her blue eyes were wide once again and her mouth dropped open, but she was unable to come up with a phrase to fling after her father. Instead, she settled back, dropping onto the bench and leaning her elbows onto her knees. With her head in her hands, she stared at the ground. Love... and Daddy doesn't want bastard grandchildren... if I have any with Shad that means...marriage...but... She felt as though she couldn't move.


Tomick, after cleaning the horses, had left Whisper's pack with his own in his rooms, and dropped Mender's and Echo's at the shrine, where he had learned the bulk o the Order was staying. It was only after that he went to find Taliden, in the medical wing with his arm in a splint and his mother at his side for a short visit between them. With a soft sigh, the man hugged his father and then sat by his mother, taking comfort in the company of his family. Taliden swiftly launched into the tale of what had happened, and his son listened with a bit of fascination and worry. How long would it take for the Order to recover? They would have to put together a council fairly quickly. Shayne could not rule alone for long.
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