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Shad sat down beside her when she patted next to her. The stone that they sat on was darkened and would leave a mark on his already filthy borrowed pants. I hope Tomick doesn't want these back... They're not going to be pretty even once I get them clean. Of course, they're pretty ragged and ripped and the pantlegs are getting a little threadbare in places. He listened to her talk. Her comment about the Kels made him smile. Very unattractive. He laughed softly. But for the rest of it, he just absorbed what she said, wrapping an arm around her shoulder as she spoke of the this not being the home she thought to come home to. He could palpably feel her worries and tried to comfort her as best as he could, by simply being there.

As soon as he heard her father's voice, however... His body stiffened warily. He didn't have to remember the pain in his jaw because it was still there and throbbing now that the numb feeling had worn off. It was partially a miracle he could still talk and that nothing was dislocated, no teeth lost. The way he scowled at him was always disconcerting. Of course, Whisper had worn the same face every time she had seen him after they escaped from the trial too. At least I know where she got it. That and her size and her anger. It was when Shayne mentioned the child that Shad paled under the ice of his gaze.

Shad felt the danger. It seemed that, like Whisper, every time one of them seemed utterly liquid and relaxed in body regardless of the look in their eyes, one had to be prepared to fight or flee. The half elf was no idiot. The man could kill him bare-handed and relish every moment of obliterating the one who had deflowered his dear younger daughter. It was not the time for bravado.

Echo was already on her feet and he stood to join her, lightly resting an arm around her shoulders for two reasons. One, he wanted to assure the man that he cared for her and, two, it was to help him maintain what remained of his equilibrium even though he wasn't pressing into her very hard. Shad's facial expression was one lightly marred by sorrow and apology. He did not smile, yet he met the man's cold eyes directly as a man should. He spoke the words slowly, clearly. I was wrong and stupid to leave her. I made a mistake. A stupid, horrible one. One that wounded a beautiful woman and will always cause her to fear that I will do it again and doubt me no matter what I do to try to make it up to her. There is no man that hasn't made a mistake, walked away from someone he cared about because he was stupid, because he was scared, because he lost his temper. I love her, sir, and I've been spending every moment since we found each other again trying to make it up to her. And I will be going with her to get the child she traded for my life, no matter how terrifying it might be to be back in that monster's clutches, because I've found something better than just living to survive.


Whisper went to check on Wraith. As always, Tomick had done exceptional work. The horse was rubbed down and all the tack was set aside in an orderly fashion. She smiled softly and let the large horse lip on her hair, expecting a treat even though she had nothing to give him. With a sigh, she moved on, trying to reconcile herself to the fact that her home no longer was the home she knew before she left just as she was no longer the she she was then. Her shoulders were somewhat slumped in defeat though she tried to pretend that all was well.
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