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Whisper did a lot of nodding as her father spoke. There was still much shame in her, but her father's acceptance and love of her helped to soothe it as well as the blame that she placed squarely upon her own shoulders as any good commander would. The woman sighed as her father's darkened voice remarked upon her sister and her sister's half elf lover. Father... Don't be too hard on her. I think I saw her heading to the medical wing with Shad. Always trying to protect her younger sister, Whisper wished she could say something more to protect her from their father's anger. Surely Shad would be dead by the next morning.

I'm going to go and look around. See what I can do to help, okay? A part of her wanted to be alone, to look around at the world that had been her childhood and mourn its changing and its loss. The other part selfishly wanted to find Tomick though she figured he'd found his parents once he finished with the horses. I'm sure there was much to talk about, making sure if his father is alive or healthy enough to survive. And I... I can just look around and be horrified at the world. Here, I wanted to lose all of my responsibilities when I got back home and now I find out that home is just as destroyed as everything else. Whisper's feet carried her away from the Shrine. She had calmed in the presence of God, to be sure, but her mind was still troubled by everything and so she wandered the grounds on her own.


Valeer nodded, giving her a small smile. My thanks. He knew that Whisper would never belong to him, but he still cared for her despite himself. That she was well had to be enough for him. He closed his eyes to rest.

Shad blinked and allowed Echo to tug him around. The people they passed looked at him strangely, but the majority of them did seem to be human and they looked worse than he did, at least in the medical place where everything smelled like herbs and sanitizers. Where are we going, Echo? And who was that Kel guy? Gods alive, it seems so crazy here! I suppose that's one reason that I avoided religion... Porgullin was the only one that seemed halfway decent. He wrinkled his nose.
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