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Shayne forced himself to sit back and listen to the report. Emotions flitted across his face. Shared anger at the disrespect for their god in the central sect, slight shock or Echo having revealed her magic, pride at Whisper's actions to correct it. A nod came from him at the report that a paladin was needed there. A list of names began to form in his mind. He growled audibly at the knowledge that Echo had gotten kidnapped, and confusion flooded him at the way that Echo had been unable to be found by her twin. The knowledge that it had been Shad who had kidnapped her made him bristle, but he continued to listen, shock forming as she continued on. His eyes narrowed at the mention of Shad once more. It was not so much that Echo had bedded a man, but rather, he did not trust the quality of the man she had chosen. Grudging respect had been given for the half elf, but not liking. At the mention of Gideon though, his attention was riveted to his daughter.

The description of the glass coffins sent horror through him as he remembered the last battle that he had watched Sigh encase a man inside of Barriego and squeeze him to dead. He shuddered slightly and then froze. "Child?!" Blue eyes looked at Whisper sharply. Echo had gotten with child?! And now Gideon had it? Horror seeped through him, but he did not blame Whisper. Slowly, the old man blinked, and rubbed his temples, calming down the rile of his temper that wished to go and beat the half elf to pulp.

"You haven't failed, Whisper. You're not dead. That alone means that you are able to still succeed." He reached out to her, brushing her hair from her tattooed face. Anger, though it rode him hard, was not what she needed now. She needed to know just what had gone on. "My own failure has been greater. I am glad that you brought the central sect of our Order into the light, because everywhere else was attacked, just as we were here. I don't know the results in the other strongholds, but the Cult of the Blood have been infiltrating us for decades, and I was too distracted to see what was happening. We have roughly fifty knights and initiates here, to rebuild from. Grettys led the false lions to attack Court and City, poisoning me and saying all was in my name." He leaned back a little. "We have no paladins of the Kel line. The nobles are on shaky ground. It is Evana's word and Rodney Loranx's swift tongue that has convinced them to allow us to stay. Even so, the new Complex is being built out here, by our sacred place. They shrink when I am near, so I leave the dealing with them to the Tuliuses..." He faded out, rough voice coming to a sigh. The lines on his face were slightly deeper, and he stared into space or a moment.

Shayne Lorelei could not get the thought of Gideon from his mind though and the thought of Sigh as well. "I should have prepared you better, Whisper. I knew Barriego's power, and should have thought that Gideon would have figured it out by now... A man with demons in his grip... and Echo... " his eyes burned. "To have given up a child... We cannot allow him to keep it. Better dead than in the hands of a demon..."

He stopped, adn swallowed. "But now is the time for regrouping. We must gather our strength... and repair ourselves... The Order will be cleansed... Xicus' has no hold on Phenvast, but we still must work to root out all of the seeds that were planted. There is much work to be done, Whisper. And as we now know, there is much to be done before your and Echo can take on Gideon in truth." He took her hand in his, the rough calluses familiar in their patterns. His grip was comforting, a mixture of comradeship and family love. They would regroup and heal.

After a moment of peace, his eyes darkened. "I need to speak to your sister. And, I suppose, the half elf as well."


Echo chuckled slightly at the Kel's greetin, but said nothing as he began to report. And it sounded like a report. There were plenty of small details that she knew must be missing, but at least now she was caught up for the most part. By the time he finished, she had finished tending Shad, including his now much more healed wounds from the ghouls, and was sitting by him. She blinked at the amount of happenings that had gone on. It always seemed like nothing went on, but then she left and things just exploded. She remained quiet for the moment, and then looked up as Val asked after Whisper.

Her lips pursed. I sure hope he's not still trying to.... after what happened before! She replied without much emotion, her expression swiftly returning to blank. "Whisper is well as can be expected. Like me, she has learned a few needed lessons on our journey. There are wounds, they will heal." She stood, ready now to go find clean clothes, possibly a bath, and her father, to speak with him about things that had happened. "It looks as though you fought well. I hope you heal quickly." Her voice was slightly grudging as she tugged at Shad to get him to come with her.
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