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Echo's fingers traced over Shad's jaw gently, assuring herself that he was fine even as he spoke to her and gave her a bloody grin. She rolled her eyes at him, her voice quiet. "You're a fool, Shad! He might've cracked your neck with a single blow!" She nodded absentmindedly at Whisper's command, acknowledging that she had heard and waving her sister off. She wasn't part of the hierarchy of the Order, and so she wasn't overly worried about reporting. However, she would fill in any details she had that her sister didn't have later.

Tomick nodded to Whisper, gathering up Gruff's reins as well and carefully leading the horses off towards the stables that were, thankfully, separate from the main Complex.

Shayne nodded to his daughter, stepped to drop a kiss on Echo's dark head and then led Whisper off. There was not many places that he knew they would be interrupted, but there was a few. "We'll speak in the shrine. Though there are people in the labyrinth, they leave me be when I am near Leosine's altar."

They were left alone for the most part on the way there. Not that there were many Leosinians to come to Shayne with problems. In the dim glow of the altar with it's red splash, Shayne took a deep breath. As always, the room swirled with his God's presence, and it comforted the large man. His voice was soft as he beckoned to Whisper, urging her to sit with him against the altar. Slowly, his stoic mask dropped a little. It could be seen that the Mad lion was weary. "I can tell by your answer before that it is as we feared, and the oddness was indeed your brother. But there is more to this tale than just that you did not succeed in killing him... Tell me, Whisper."


Echo gave Shad a few more moments before she dragged him up to his feet. "Come on. The medical wing is still standing, so if nothing else, we can get something to make sure that your jaw stays solid. They'll have spare clothing there too." She tucked herself against him, catching sight of her her family walking away, in the direction of the Victory Shrine.

She was greeted by those she passed, and smiles came at the sound of her bells. But nobody had time to stop their work. Curiosity began to eat at her as she came to the building and there was an open area that the wounded were still being patched up in. Her eyes caught sight of Valeer and shot wide. The man was covered in wounds both large and small. There was an empty space near the large, relatively ugly man, but Echo shoved aside the revulsion she had always felt for the Kels. "Sit, Shad." She waved over a healer, and was passed a bruise balm for the swiftly forming splotch alongside the half-elf's jaw.

Even as she began to open the jar, she looked over at Valeer, and blinked at him. "What happened here, Kel?"
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