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There is a difference to figuring a punch is coming and seeing that punch coming. Shad found that out firsthand. By the time he saw the fist, it had already smashed into his jaw. He flew a small way before he thudded to his back, bouncing a small ways just once as his back ricocheted off the ground. It didn't even hurt yet. His entire lower face had simply ceased to be. There was warmth in his mouth. He had bit his tongue, however, all of his teeth seemed to still be in though some felt a little loose. He left those alone and hoped that they would resolidify their grip on his jawbone with time.

He was still conscious, but not all the way congnizant of what was going on. He slowly propped himself up on an elbow and spat blood out onto the ground, his eyes blinking rapidly to clear the bright light from them even though that light didn't exist. He felt hands on him. Echo? His nose wrinkled as he tried to clear his vision some more and slowly she came into focus, kneeling by his side. Oh good. There you are. If you're here, then I'm still alive. Or in heaven because that's the only place you see angels... He gave her a half grin, his gums smeared with the blood in his mouth, but that didn't stop him from being himself. He had reverted to his cocky self in order to put up a good showing for her father who was undoubtedly still watching, even though he knew that her father would probably never approve of him regardless what facade he put on.

Whisper stood beside her father, looking down at Shad. Yes, he does have that. She sighed and glanced around for another man she needed to put to good use. Tomick, take the horses and take care of them. I need to fill in the Councilor on the mission. I'll send for you when I need you. Gathering authority to herself, Whisper had straightened, trying to keep within the bounds of duty. She set her eyes on her sister momentarily. Echo, you can see to Shad. If Mender bothers to come around, he's dismissed unless I send for him. You all can have some time to rest for now. She looked to Shayne then, her companions discharged for the time being. Her icy eyes, the eyes of her mother, looked at her father, softening once more with the feeling of being home despite the strange circumstances that had changed her home. Father, please, if we could go somewhere to talk... I have... much to appraise you of. She just really didn't feel that it was wise to speak out in the open about Gideon and all that had transpired.
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