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Tomick carefully hid his smirk. Shayne's rumbling growl was more of a vibration running through the air than an actual sound. Lunira came with his claymore, harness and all attacked to the scabbard, and he was reaching for it without looking when Whisper stepped in front of his target. The large man froze, blue eyes confused and black brows lowering. Whisper was stopping him. What? Whisper never challenged him... oh. The rumble from him stopped, and he looked past her to the elf. Later. His expression showed his debate. Better to beat the half elf now, to make sure he knew his place in the order of things. But as Whisper spoke of him being under her command, Shayne growled in complaint. She was in the right with that at least. As his commander, she had a responsibility to speak up for and protect the men under her. If Shad was under her command, then he had at least a bit of protection.

Though his frown showed that he was not happy about it, Shayne nodded. He could not go against that which had taught his daughter. But he took the claymore from Lunira anyways, shrugging into the harness and waving at her to go back to what she had been doing. He didn't need her to hover over him. He noted the tenor of Shad's voice as it spoke, and a notch of respect rose. He would not hide behind Whisper's protection. Hard eyes returned to settle on the half-blood, and studying him. Shayne looked for all the world as if he was just standing and relaxed. But everyone could recognize his deceptive manner. He was ready to pounce if Shad gave him reason to.

Echo smiled as Shad wrapped an arm around her looking up at him quickly. Even the rumble of Shayne's growl did not make her nervous at that moment. But a surprised squeak escaped her as Shad dared what nobody else ever had. His lips pressed against hers, and she half melted against him, her hands clenching at his shirt. She grinned slightly as he broke off the kiss. Part of her father noted that the man had guts, if nothing else. The look that was on Echo's face made him hesitate for a split second, reminding him of the way that Sigh had once looked upon him.

But that didn't stop him, and Shad's cocky grin was met with a steely scowl. The Mad Lion exploded into motion with an audible snarl, each movement carefully watched so that Echo was not hit in it. Echo herself knew better than to get in the way of her father's movements and her eyes widened at the blur that her parent became. Two steps, and Shayne's fist flung forward with the extra momentum behind it, straight for Shad's jaw.

Only his daughters would know just how much strength he pulled from the blow to keep it from shattering the half-elf's face. His free hand reached out, snatching Echo to keep Shad's grip from toppling her with him. But aside from that single blow, Shayne did not touch Shad. He turned to Whisper, a small smirk beginning to tilt his lips. "You're right. Bloodying him now would be no fun at all." The comment was made to Whisper. "Least he's got guts, even if he's not got sense." He snorted, Echo tucked against his side, and stretched his neck as he looked the half elf, and released his daughter.

Echo stepped quickly and fell to Shad's side, checking over him and trying to see if he was still conscious.

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