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Sunhigh snorted in protest at Mender kicking him, but the warhorse obeyed, and then, with his reins hanging, fell back on his training. The smells of soot and fire made the horse nervous, and he danced a little in place, eyes rolling, but remained where his reins tied him. Tomick, scanned over the scene as he came up, checked to make sure that Sunhigh would not run, and then let his eyes go to his mother. He came off of his horse, and Evana came to him, her slender arms wrapping around his waist as he kept one arm free to hold his horse. He gripped her fiercely, but gently enough that he didn't hurt her, and then pulled back. 'Father?"

"Is fine. He took a blow to his arm, and it's broken, but the healers say he will mend, and still be able to fight even." She looked up at him with bright eyes, "It is good that you have returned. The Order is moving. The Complex will be near the Victory Shrine now, maybe even connected straight to it. We will need every connection possible. There is barely anything holding the nobles from their fear save my word and Rodney Loranx as well." Tomick's eyes rose, his eyes flashing the young man who he hadn't recognized at first, with his sandy hair covered in soot so much that it looked like it was dark brown.

Rodney cautiously approached the warrior. "Welcome back, Sir Tomick... I wish it were a better time. We've done all we could, but with the Order being blamed and all... it wasn't really them. Well.. it was but it wasn't..." Rodney shook his head. "Sir Shayne can explain better than I. There's rocky ground though. We may need you as liaison." Tomick nodded, worrying for his father and or the future of the Order itself. He glanced around and then kissed his mother on the cheek.

"I'll help wherever I can, Rodney." He barely recognized the sandy-haired youth. There was a different light in his eyes, and the still-healing bruise that had spread from his obviously broken nose told of happenings that Tomick had not yet heard. 'I'll find you once I've done what needs doing here. I'm still under Whisper's command, and always under Sir Shayne's." He let go of his mother, and stepped towards where Shad stood, picking up Sunhigh's reins on the way. All of the horses would need stabled and they would need debriefed. Shayne needed introduced to Shad. Inwardly, Tomick found a reason to snicker.


Shayne closed his eyes as Whisper hugged him, his free arm coming to wrap around her thick waist and crush her against him. No matter how much of a general he had been as he helped the Court and Complex come to agreements and clean up their homes, he was still a father and his daughters were safe and home now. It was not the homecoming he had wished for them, to ride in with glory and victory, to a home waiting for them, but they were still home. His voice was a low murmur in Whisper's ear. "There is much to tell from both of us. And it must wait a little while longer. Strength, daughter mine. Do not let them see you cry. The Lorelei name is all that holds people together right now. We must stand strong." His arm tightened around her, lips brushing against her longer hair. "Come. We must go to the shrine. Leosine's presence will comfort you as it has comforted me in these dark days." He slowly drew back, giving Whisper time to blink back tears. His eyes fell upon the half elf once more.

Looking down upon Echo, he let her go, callused hand tipping her chin to look at him. There was a cat's curiosity as he blinked at her and spoke. "Echo, you're forgetting your manners. You ride up with a man seated behind you and yet you leave him standing without even an introduction, as if he were a stableboy. I can see you have lost three members of your party, but where has this one come from?" Cold eyes looked over Shad, lingering over scars, taking note of the bandage on his arm, and a half-hidden snort said that he was unimpressed so far. The falchion at his hip brought no reaction.

The younger twin managed a choked laugh at her father's way of ordering her to introduce the half elf. Tomick, having returned, took Wraith's reins from the man, leaving him with just Gruff to hold onto. Echo swiftly blinked, and then turned, a small smile tugging at her lips as she beckoned Shad closer and stepped out to meet him. "Daddy, this is Shad. Shad, this is my father, Sir Shayne Lorelei, the Mad Lion, paladin and Councilman of the Leosinian Order here in Phenvast."

Icy eyes narrowed as he looked at Shad. They flicked to Echo, who stood near him and her body tilted towards him, almost as though she were hovering. Her lips had turned upwards when she introduced him. Her eyes remained on him now, with the barest of smiles. Gaze returning to Shad, he looked over the half-elf once more, expression darkening into a scowl. The man had seen hard times, that was easy to see by his scar and the bandage. He looked like he had both lost and gained muscle in the last several weeks of his life, his cheekbones sharp even by elven blood standards and his joints a little more prominent then they perhaps should have been. And the way he stood as well....

Once more, Shayne looked at Echo, and the look in her eyes told him all that he needed to know. "Lunira! Where's my claymore?!" His call was easily able to be heard by those working around them, and Echo's response as well.

In a fair imitation of Penelope's exasperation, her voice rang out. "Daddy!"

A rumbling growl that centered from his chest was all the answer she got.
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