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Echo felt like she had just gotten backhanded. She blinked at her sister, a mixture of understanding, and betrayal flashign through her. How could Whisper not have told her?! She had been worrying over this the last two days, and hadn't even bothered to tell her?! Why?! She held herself in control, and as Mender shouted, she winced, thinking of her family. Whisper's snarl expressed some of her own emotion. The woman nudged her horse faster to come up alongside Whisper and look at her. Her voice was soft and filled with the disbelief. "You didn't tell me..." Fear was in her eyes. What if their father was dead?

Tomick remained stoic, riding up to calm Mender down. "Mender, calm yourself. We all have family in the city!" They rode on, coming upon the city. They rode past ruins of burned houses and shops. Urchins peered at them from behind rubble. Most of the fires were out, but some of the ruins still smoldered. Nobody bothered the travelers, though a small gang of rogues sneered at them as they passed. The fact that they were armored and bristling kept them from attacking.

It seemed to take forever to ride up to the Court and Complex, and the sight that greeted them was the image of a ruin. The entirety of the Complex, save for the stone pillars and pieces, was razed to the ground, a blackened ruin. The keep was still standing strong, but there were scorches on the side. To one side, in the empty field that was part of the gardens, there was a pyre, burning a stack of bodies. A group of guardsmen kept an eye on it to keep the fire from spreading.

As they came ever closer, it could be seen that the medical portion of the Complex still stood, adn was bustling with activity. It was from there that the familiar, dark-haired, strong figure walked out, talking to a young man who was easily dismissed as not part of the Order. At his side was hair that was familiarly bright as Tomick's own. Shayne wore no armor, and his clothing was covered in soot, hands dirty and a broadsword at his side.

Echo could not hold herself back, she kicked Gruff into a lope. "Daddy!" Even though she could not amplify the call, her shout was loud enough that Gruff whinnied in protest. Shayne looked up sharply, eyes wide and searching. As she got closer, the sounds of her bells made him start to smile. Tears in her eyes, Echo brought Gruff to a sharp halt and flung herself off of the horse and into her father's arms. Tears burned in Shayne's eyes as his arms closed around her. Even as he embraced her though, he searched the party that she came with, relief filling him as he saw Whisper. He counted, and then his eyes fell upon Shad. Dark brows pulled down slightly as he looked over the honey-haired half elf, and then dismissed him, looking to his other daughter. His voice was a deep rumble. "Whisper. Thank Leosine that you've returned. Was all well in the east?" The general was fully in mode, one arm supporting Echo's comparatively tiny body against his as he looked at Whisper. He dreaded her answer, fearing what it was, since they were short by half their party.
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