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Shayne saw the man's panic as his own blade sliced through his pant leg. Like Xicus' followers' blades always were, it was poisoned. Slowly, the Mad Lion stalked towards Grettys, claymore in one hand, covered in blood that wasn't his own. His voice was a low growl as he reached down, his fingers gripping the other man by his armor and hoisting him up. "You don't deserve a quick death, Grettys. No follower of your god does. There is no honor for you. You don't deserve mercy. Better to let you die by your own poison." He dragged the man away from the wall, coming back to where everyone would be able to see him. Shayne stared at the leaner man, who had sat by him for years on the same Council. "You're death comes at my hand only because my God wishes for me to kill you. But it does not have to be by my blade!" With a roar that echoed through the room, ringing over the dregs of battle, he dropped the claymore and twisted the man, breaking his neck before flinging him down the stairs.

"It is over!" He stood triumphant at the top of the stairs that the battle had been raged on. He looked and saw only his group, the last of the false lions falling. "Xicus has lost his grip in Phenvast. Now we must seek out and erase each black root and seed that has been left!" He stared coldly down upon the broken body of Grettys and then picked up the claymore he had dropped. Where was Gina?! But his worry for the young girl was not able to keep him from his duties. "Who's living and how injured are you?"


Evana led the nobles in a group towards the ballroom, where she felt that Shayne would have cleaned things up. Figuratively, since the room would be a bloody mess. The group of roughly one hundred nobles filed into the room, and there were mixed reactions as they saw the beautiful stairs a bloody drenched mess, covered in bodies. Taliden, when he spotted Evana, ran to her, and she to him. Neither cared about the blood, and one of his arms hung useless at his side. Shayne was speaking to Lucia and Exelder. The Tulius family were those that were best with the court. He would need their help.

Jason cried out from some where. "I told you! Does he look poisoned to you? he had to have staged it all!"

Shayne's head rose, and his snarl rumbled through the room. Rodney, bruised as he was, shot his fist into his friend's jaw before anything could be said though. "Shut up, Jason. I saw Sir Shayne earlier myself. He was white as a sheet. If he's not now, it's obviously because he's regained enough strength or was magically healed or something! He's the Chosen of Leosine! Do you think he would just lay down without fighting?!"

General hubbub broke out, and Shayne sighed. He approached Taliden and Evana, and tapped the couple apart. "Evana, I'm glad your alive.... did you see a young girl? I had Gina with me-" He broke off as Gina appeared from the crowd. Evana swiftly recited how the girl had saved her life, and Shayne could not keep his smile from growing. Pride rose in him. Even the youngest of lions could fight. Once the girl was close enough Shayne swooped her up into his arms, carefully crushing her to him in a tight hug. "I'm so proud of you, little one. You've more courage than can fit in that small body of yours."

The elderly duke that sat on the noble council approached him. Now came diplomacy. He hated this.


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