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Whisper was grateful that it had been a gray few days. The clouds helped hide what she knew to be ahead. Smoke in the air. True to his word, Tomick had not let anything slip to the others, not that she had expected him to. The man was one who would follow orders to the letter which was both comforting and disconcerting. If she ever told him to leave her alone out of anger one day, she figured that she might never see him again. But staring up at the road, she knew one more bend and they'd see the city of Phenvast. Or what's left of it.

Rein in! Everybody, rein in and listen to me! Whisper waited patiently as those nearby gathered around. It took only a few moments to meet everyone's eye. Echo, her ever trusting younger sister. If it hadn't have been for Shad's presence, Whisper was certain that her twin would have fished out her secret already due to the constant downpour of unhappiness she was sure that she had in her mind. Shad, her sister's companion. He probably could care less that the city was undoubtedly very different than the one that Echo and herself hailed from only a month before. Mender, Tomick's mentee. Whisper knew that he would be utterly devastated, so prone to emotional swings as he was already. Leosine only knows how many have died. Father, Sir Tulius, Sir Taliden, Lady Evana, Mender's family... I hope that they are all still there. I think even Carolyn might be a welcome sight. Hmm... maybe not. But things would never be the same. A part of her knew that easily and the other part didn't want to admit it.

What is it, Whisper? Haven't had enough of the open road and don't want to head back to your home yet? Shad gave her a half-grin, trying to lighten her mood though it was apparent that even he sensed something wrong with her now.

She took a breath, not wishing for dramaticism, but it could not be helped. She was so reluctant to speak on the matter at hand as it was. No. I have every desire to want to go home. However... I received word that Phenvast City had been under attack.

What?! How?! When?! From who? By who? Mender's frantic whirl of questions fell from his lips before he could call the words back. Whisper held up her hand to attempt to try to quiet him and the rest before they could interrupt any further.

From what I had heard, Phenvast was being attacked by the Order.

The Order? What Order?! His mind couldn't wrap around what she was telling him.

Our Order, Mender. If that is truly the case, then we need to use extreme caution when we enter the city. And--

When did you hear this, Whisper? And from who? Shad's voice expressed his sudden concern. He rubbed Echo's arm, trying to be comforting. Hearing your home was on fire was never a pleasant thing, especially when supposedly perpetrated by your own people.

Whisper's sigh was a heavy one. From Raven. Two nights ago.

Mender's face was pale suddenly as the full import of what had occurred hit him. But if... if you knew for so long, why... why didn't you tell us? His shoulders were shaking with either fury or shocked sorrow.

Because it would have served no purpose. Please let's... let's just go.

But my family! Whisper, my family is there! How could you keep this from me?! Mender's voice had gotten loud as he shouted at her, furious and terrified for his family.

You're not the only one who has family there, Mender! Whisper's words were clipped, her teeth bared as she glared at the man. Doesn't he know how worried sick I've been?! Of course not! He doesn't understand that it would have served no purpose to kill our horses to get here! NO! By the Mane! I want my father! She squeezed Wraith with her legs to get the horse moving, fishing a cloak from out of the saddle bag to flip over her armor as she ruffled her hair out around her face to disguise her tattoo. There was so much uncertainty and all she wanted to do was sit down and stop.
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