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Gina and Evana slipped out of the ballroom and its great staircase and into a side passage that was empty. There were plenty of signs that fighting had been there at one point. Fine tapestries had been hacked apart by errant swings, tables upset, small scorches from where candles had begun to set the walls aflame before there was nothing but stone to attempt to consume. Gina followed along readily, her little legs keeping up with the woman's longer stride as best as she could, a smile on her dirt face. Leosine told me to come. Sir Mad Lion was making sure I was safe on the horse. But you're okay now. It's all okay. Her free hand patted Evana's holding hand as comfortingly as Gina thought possible. The woman was obviously upset, but Gina couldn't fathom why when she was both free and alive. It was another thing entirely to be captured and dead.

Hand in hand, Gina and Evana made their way to the dungeon. There were no other false lions guarding the cells. Instead it was completely empty, the keys left behind on a hook that was far from reach of the prisoners. The small redheaded girl remained by Evana's side the whole time as the other nobles were freed and told to stay together to make sure that everyone would be free. Very few seemed to notice the small girl at all other than to visually note the oddity of her wearing leather armor with a Maned Eye insignia on the chest if they saw her at all.


Grettys brought up his sword in the hopes to deflect the straight drive of the claymore. He staggered back a few steps as his broadsword managed to deflect the blade. The red haze in the Mad Lion's eyes, even Grettys could see that murderous gleam. The swords met and parted several times, always forcing Grettys to take a few steps back. The less muscular man had never been that strong of a fighter to begin with and, with Shayne pounding upon his defenses, he was tiring much more quickly than he initially anticipated. The claymore swung inside of his guard swiftly after a devious feint. Out of the sheerest of lucks, Grettys managed to avoid losing his sword arm, but the blade scored along his hand. His broadsword fell from his grip, the blade angling as it fell. Even as the man reached after it in a furious panic, the poisoned edge bit into his pantleg, searing a thin line down his lower leg. He gasped, lunging away from it. No. It was a whisper. NO! A maddened shout. He knew what that poison would do and how fast it would work even as it would be very ungentle. His vision blurred and he flung himself against the wall, sliding down it to keep his bloodied leg straight. He glanced up at Shayne, suddenly wishing for mercy. He laughed weakly, desperately. There. It's... it's over. Finish me, Shayne. You've got me right where you want me. Pain shot up his leg and his back spasmed as lightning ran up his spinal cord, setting his fingers to tingling. The poison would only take a quarter of an hour to end him, but it would be a quarter of an hour of excruciating pain that would reduce him to something less than human and in so much pain that the end would be a mercy unto himself. He knew better than to expect Xicus to grant him mercy, but perhaps Shayne...?
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