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Evana stopped by Carolyn's body, using the woman's sword to cut the rope from her wrists awkwardly. The sharp blade sliced through the rope easily, and left a shallow cut alongside Evana's arm as well. But, her hands freed, she took the sword in hand, and blinked at the young girl. "We... shall go and free the nobles. Come with me. Shayne will clear everything up here, and then no doubt be worried sick about you. I don't know what that man was thinking, bringing you to battle. But then, you saved my life, so that's something to be grateful for." The woman was babbling, her nerves wracked with shock and adrenaline. She offered a hand to Gina, and led the way towards the lesser used paths, ones that she was sure would be unoccupied.


Shayne's charge had sent several of the false lions sprawling as he ran towards Grettys. He let the beast inside come forward. Up the stairs, claymore in one hand as if it weighed nothing. The feeling of divine guidance was upon him. He didn't have a choice. Even as his mind analyzed the battle, the dark sheen of Grettys' sword, there was no choice. It was die or kill him. And he was not going to die. He gripped the sword with two hands as he slammed his way up, the point aimed to run his enemy through.
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