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The Mad Lion rushed up the stairs, hewing through a path of enemies as Gina watched his progress. Lunira tried to keep up behind him, but she was pressed back by the wave as was Lucia, Exelder, and Valeer. Nyjohn barreled up the path in Shayne's wake, but got caught halfway up the stairs and forced to retreat or get cut off from reinforcements. Shayne was on his own.

Gina helped Evana steady herself, her hands still tied behind her back. However, she seemed like a nice lady and she'd lost sight of the Mad Lion already. It was probably for the best anyway. It seemed very loud and scary in the clustering pile of people. Gina just grabbed onto the fabric of Evana's skirt as the woman led away from the noise, neither one of them an object of combat now. They were no threat to anyone, an unarmed woman and a child. Her arm ached, the blood still slowly leaking from it though it was much more slow than even before. Gina hoped it would end soon. She wondered if her mother was okay now and if Dina was resting after being dead. There were so many small things to think about now that the Mad Lion had run away. He'd probably feel bad for leaving her behind when he realized what he had done. Where are we going?


Grettys turned as he heard a deep, gutteral roar down the hallway. When he realized whom it was, he knew that running was out of the option and that chances were good that he would die. But I will die with my sword in hand, poisoned for good measure. A small smirk crossed his lips, a thin line of dark green on the edge of his broadsword's blade. Come on then, you dumb animal!
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