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Tomick sighed. I've got to step up more... he had swiftly fallen away from the wildness he had cultivated. It was surprising how quickly he had felt it slide back into his non-acting. Learn from her. Become a leader. With two leaders, you can still be second in command... He shoved thought back once more, slipping into his own armor before following her out of the tent for breakfast.


Echo smiled as she came back and Mender greeted her. She chuckled at Shad's unasked for reply, and then spoke "As well as could be expected." She smirked and winked at him,but resisted the urge to actually say anything to tease Mender. She scooped up porridge and handed a bowl to Whisper and then Tomick.

Her eyes searched Whisper's, silently asking what was wrong, but unsure whether she would get an answer. She didn't. Worried, Echo let it be, finishing her own breakfast quickly as the rest of the camp began to awake. As they finished their food, the companions moved around fairly quickly, a well oiled machine as Tomick began to saddle the horses, Mender and Shad to put up the tents, and Echo packed everything back into place once it was clean.

She wished Penelope well, and as the high elf wizard came from his own sleeping area, blinked slightly nervously at him, but raised her head almost in a defiant manner. Tomick was leading the horses closer, telling Mender to ride Sunhigh as he swung up onto the other horse, and handed Gruff off to Echo. It was not long before they were well one their way towards a long day of travelling.
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