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Shayne's mind raced with retorts that he wanted to say, but never got a chance to. The order was given to kill Evana. Taliden cried out, and the charge happened. Shayne's eyes locked for a moment to see Carolyn...fall. He frowned but had no time to think it over. His hands pulled the claymore from its harness and his roar echoed out over everybody as he charged forward with heavy steps. Red overtook his vision once more, and he searched for Grettys. Xicus was involved. His old enemy. They had plagued him since he had first become a paladin. Always, worshipers of Xicus.

His weapon hewed through one man, another, and then a woman before he saw Grettys in the heat of the battle and he ignored all others, roaring as he charged the man.


Evana closed her eyes, waiting for the strike that would end her life. Instead, she felt her hair tugged, but let go of, heard battle start, and when she opened her eyes, saw Gina's small face. Looking around swiftly, she heard calls, Taliden's voice sobbing out her name as he slaughtered the false lions in retribution for her 'death'. Wide eyes looked to the small girl and she reached out. "Come, we need to move from here." She pushed to her feet, her body aching where she had gained bruises, and swiftly moving away from the battle.
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