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Whisper was grateful for the comfort her lover offered. His gentleness was soothing even as his arms were warm around her. It was not long before Echo's scratch on her tent caught her attention. Tomick was right. She'd tell her sister and Mender and even Shad a bit before they came in sight of the city itself. If there was smoke that was visible, it would be best to make sure they knew it was there before accidentally discovering it. They might hate her for it, but she was their leader and her wish was law.

She sighed softly as she broke of his kiss, a small, sad smile hanging on her lips. He had soothed her as best as he could if only she could stop her mind from thinking... Like that ever happens... We should get some breakfast and get on the road as soon as we're done. We would do it normally and we'll do it that way now. She sighed again as she unthreaded from his arms, sitting up slowly. Tomick? Thank you.

With that, Whisper began to strap on her armor.


Mender smiled at the sound of Echo's voice. Coming! His voice was soft and happy too in answer. The man strapped on his armor quickly and practically bounded out of his tent to get himself a bowl of porridge that Shad was more than happy to gift him with. Good morning, Shad!

Shad blinked and laughed. Morning, Mender. Good night?

Mender blushed brightly red, but nodded which only made Shad laugh some more. As Echo came back from tapping on people's tents, he gave her a smile as well. Good morning, Echo! I trust you slept well?

Maybe not as well as you did. I know I didn't... Shad gave the man a wink and a mischievous half grin. I didn't get naked with anybody. Lucky guy, you. The blush did not fade from Mender's face as he waited for Echo to respond in a more polite and politically correct fashion, probably.
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