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Grettys laughed. Always acting and speaking before thinking. I don't care about her life. You do. You forget, I've watched the rise of your little cabal ever since you set yourself on the Council and before. He gestured at Evana with a quick flick of his left hand. Without her, you have no hope of convincing the nobles that you didn't do this and, without the nobles on your side, no one will be able to calm the common rabble before they charge you with slaughtering their families and burning their stores, running up here to tear everything you love to pieces. Too bad I had to let your girls escape the net, but I had to keep you unaware until we were in position. I expect the men I've left in Randatria will take care of them for me. Why would they expect subterfuge in your god's holy places, eh? We've been plotting this for decades! The northern outpost, Phenvast, Randatria, Taelothlorien. All our people have come out of hiding at last! They will burn it all to the ground! And all because of you, Shayne! You can have your shrine that you stole from us, but we will take everything from you! Ah ha ha ha! Grettys laughed darkly. Carolyn? Kill her!

At the command, Carolyn smiled viciously, raising her sword, and all pandemonium broke out as the men stationed at the foot of the stairs rushed Shayne and his group. The men at the top of the staircase funneled down like a wave to become the next wave of fresh fighters behind the first. There were screams and shouts and death gurgles, but there was one thing that no one really saw.

Gina, down from the horse, understood the words being bandied about. Not everything made sense, but some did. Nobody remarks on a child and most didn't even truly see her as she moved, stepping softly around broken pots, plants and dirt scattered about, and tipped furniture. It was a short way to the base of the staircase, slipping around wide to the side and moving slowly up the railing. No one saw the child. They were so busily focused on the rest of Shayne's men. Gina had managed to slip all the way up to stand beside Carolyn before Grettys even issued his order to kill Evana. As the brown haired woman raised her blade, Gina used hers, stabbing her dagger deeply into the woman's leg just as all the commotion broke loose. Grettys was already busy heading up the stairs towards his own secret getaway as Carolyn's leg wobbled and slid, casting the woman over Evana's head to break her neck on the stairs in the mad rush. Gina smiled at Evana as if she had done nothing other than pick a few daisies for her mother from a private garden. All better? Without a weapon now, Gina was still just as unconcerned as she had been at the very beginning and was now waiting for Evana to tell her what to do next.
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