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Tomick listened to her, nodding in his agreement. They were short a horse and Mender could only ride Sunhigh or Wraith. He was too large for the other two to carry comfortably. His voice was quiet. "Then we shall keep it secret until just before perhaps? It may be better to give your sister warning before we reach Phenvast, tomorrow or the next day. Else, there is little we will be able to do to stop her from rushing and getting into trouble." He held her close until her voice sounded once more, and he looked at her, a little startled at the half-command. But he moved almost automatically, one hand sweeping over her cheek, and his lips pushing gently against hers. "Of course, Whisper. Always." He tugged her closer as his lips slid over hers, gentle nips encouraging her to forget the problems that they would encounter before long.


Echo found herself removing the pot from the fire before lot, keeping it near so that she could easily keep the porridge warm, and scooping the spoon through it, around the sides and along the bottom to keep what clumps she could from sticking to the pan. With a smile at Shad, she stepped away from him and towards the tents. As soon as she was out of his bubble of non-magic, she felt her sisters' worry, and puzzled over it for a moment, before deciding to wake up Mender first. With a grin, she made sure her voice was happy. "Up, Mender. Breakfast's done." She scratched at the tent and rapped at one of the poles.

her feet then took her to Whisper's tent and scratched at the tent. "Breakfast is done, Whisper, Tomick." She still kept her voice quiet, not wanting to wake anybody but her own party.
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