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His blue gaze shifted to look at Evana for a moment, and then were instantly back to Grettys. He barely heard Taliden's shocked gasp of fear and anger. The warhorse's hooves echoed with noise as he stepped sideways, snorting. Evana struggled slightly against Caroylyn, and there, Shayne's eyes strayed to her once again before snapping back to Grettys. "There is nothing you can threaten me with to stop me, Grettys." He nudged the horse forward. Taliden pushed to the front.

"Evana! Shayne! No!" He stepped forward and his voice made the paladin pause for a moment before he bared his teeth in a bloody snarl.

Shayne's eyes flashed. "You forget your place, Tal!" He didn't even look at the man. "She knew what she was getting into the moment she agreed to do what she could!" Inwardly, he wept. Evana was dear to him, for all that they rarely spoke or had anything in common. She had brought happiness to Taliden, who had been his best friend,and that alone was enough. He had no wish to see her blood spilled.

Underneath him, his horse shuddered, blood loss making the animal weak. Anger rose in Shayne, and with it, ideas. Shayne signaled the horse to go down, and the stallion, already on the brink of collapse, obeyed with grunts, quickly enough that the old man had to move his leg swiftly out of the way so that the animal didn't lay down on it. He took the step that brought him to one side of the slowly dying horse, and made sure that Gina was on her feet. He beckoned his small group of elites forward to stand behind him as he stepped to stand at the edge of the staircase. "Tell me, Grettys... What is threatening Evana's death supposed to keep me from doing? Killing you and the rest of those here? Allow you to escape?" His mind raced, trying to buy a bit of time. There had to be a way to save Evana. She was key to him. But he could not allow Grettys to know just how key. Without her word, the Order would likely be banned from Phenvast forever. He could not allow that. I will not fail my god!
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