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Shad nodded in agreement as he got to his feet with her. I can carry thing for you. It's not a problem. He gathered up whatever she laid out, bringing them with him to the fire along with her, watching the lovely way she walked from behind, the wisking of her dark hair as it moved with every step she took. He settled beside her at the fire again and watched avidly as she put this and that together to make something lumpy and unappealing even as it smelled decent. The half elf's finger dipped into the porridge a few times, awarding him a playful smack of a spoon on the knuckles. He chuckled, kissing her cheek. He wasn't sorry. It wasn't long before the porridge smelled like food.


Whisper shook her head in silent frustration, making no sound. Suddenly the answer seemed right there before her. Tomick was treating her like a leader, one that had to make decisions. While she did not wish to make them, that was no reason that she could just refuse to make them. Her words opened up and her mind poured out. There is little sense in risking my sister's horse because we have to have her and Shad ride together. If we accidentally kill off that one, then we will have to move even slower. We will ride normally. Even though Echo and Mender have an equal right to this information, I'm afraid if we tell them, it will cause them to want to move more quickly and we'd still be risking the horses. Haste with no plan will only hinder us in the long run. As heavy as this information is hanging in my throat, I would... I would keep it from them. Even if it kills me. We should have known something of this magnitude would have happened once... once Gideon told us of my father being poisoned. That we didn't only makes me ashamed that I wasn't thinking clearly. She sighed, closing her eyes for an elongated blink before looking at her lover once more. You and I will just have to act as normally as we may until we get home and can assess the situation more fully.

Her short hair had become longer, most of it falling past her ears now, hanging closer to her jaw. Her forelocks dipped to her collarbone. It was easier to hide her tattoo with a simple shake of her head, but her armor was another story. A cloak might cover most of it. But they would have to get through the city to get to the Complex. There was tension in her body as she thought even as her mind wished things would be easier. Her thoughtful and worried facial expression went from looking inward to more clearly looking at Tomick instead. It was almost pointless to think about it now. There was no information other than the town was burning and that the Order had been blamed for it. She needed more than that. Kiss me. It was somewhere between a request and an order. Kiss me, Tomick, and help me ease my mind. She chose to ask instead of just take, wanting the gift of his affection instead of what she could take if she willed it.


Mender awoke, stretching his thick body that had narrowed somewhat on this trip. Though it was still soft to the touch, he could feel the definition of muscles that lay just beneath the surface. He smiled. Sera had told him that. He had slept well and long. Despite the horrors and rigors of the trip, he was feeling like an utterly new man. All thanks to Sera. He knew that they would part today, but there was little he could do about that. She had shown him more than he could ever repay and he would do whatever he could to become the man he was supposed to be. Whatever that person was supposed to be... He frowned and then smiled again, chuckling softly to himself as he sat up and scratched his rough face. He was growing a beard.
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