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For Gina, many things had become disjointed. There was noise and color that seemed to ribbon out from everywhere amidst the milling bodies of the soldiers of Leosine's army. As Shayne had commanded her, she lifted her small hands and pressed them tightly to her ears as he began to shout for people to come to him. The large ox-headed man was left in charge, grinning. As you will, Sir. He had responded, pleased with the order to protect the shrine. The man named 'Tal' seemed to question every order. The elf with the pale hair followed the Mad Lion and Gina. More people joined up beside them and they mounted the large horses that snorted and pawed the earth, casting out great clumps with their hooves.

Tal was the first to ask why Gina herself had been placed beside the Mad Lion. Her bright green eyes looked at him without understanding at first. I'm supposed to be here. She had thought that to be obvious even as he argued with the Mad Lion. No one argues with the Mad Lion, her father had always said, and if they do, it's because they want to lose. She tipped her head to the side, frowning as Tal continued to argue until he was told to be quiet. Gina was glad. There was too little time left to be arguing. Even she knew this. Doesn't he feel time go by? God says we have to go now.

The rest of the horses were restless, their riders upon their backs, holding them back until everyone was prepared to move. Long hair, mane, and tails rippled in the wind like banners of war even as the early light broke the horizon. They had started as a small group, but more men and women appeared in the moments before as they rode out. A small army of brave people, grim faces proving that they felt that they were already among those who were dead. Some wore rictuses of battle, their teeth bared wildly, eyes wide, nostrils flared. Not a single person did not have their weapon in hand. Gina drew her dagger while she held onto the pommel of the horse's saddle. She would not be the one who did not follow suit. Her mouth pursed with determination, her eyes narrowed with anger, she was the leader of a vast army behind her. She could smell them, hear them, feel them all behind her like the wings of a great bird of prey, fellow teeth in the lion's jaw, but she led them into battle, her dirt red curls sticking to her brow.

They flew through the grand archways of the Court, battering their way through the doors into the first large room where people walked about, armed people. The Mad Lion's sword sung, the steely music shattering what peace had held the people in place. His own roar rang in Gina's ears even as a man's face was split into two by the force of it. The horse flesh beneath her reared and kicked out, trampling a woman that had raised her sword against them. The small girl held on tightly with her one hand, keeping her dagger away from the horse even as the pommel pushed into her. There were screams of men and horses. Tal's horse went down first and he stumbled away from its collapsing body to avoid being crushed or trapped beneath its flailing legs. The elf offered him a hand and swung him up onto the back of her horse, using her daggers to plunge them into eyes and hands that strayed to close. Someone yelled to take down Shayne and she glanced back at the man seated behind her to find that he swung his sword about as if it weighed nothing at all, his teeth bared in a fierce smile.

A man's hand grabbed her knee, threatening to drag her off the horse suddenly. Gina squealed in terror and anger and her dagger flashed down, slicing at fingers and wrists as she bared her teeth in a girlish approximation of Shayne's "smile." The man let go to clutch at his hand, marvelling at the severed fingers that had fallen from it.

When the chaos had settled, the moans of the injured and dying were louder than she thought though her ears rang from all the clashing weapons even though they had stopped now. Her eyes looked around. The elf and Tal were still standing. Their horse must've gone down. Two Kels were there now. She could tell as her father liked to point them out to her and tell her that she was to never marry one. It was easy to know one when she looked at their necks. She only remembered the larger, uglier one from before. The newer one seemed to have been cut to ribbons, his armor barely strapped onto his body even yet. Two blond people came running to him, a woman and a man who looked related, both gesturing almost angrily, yet looking relieved. Gina herself had a long scratch on her upper right arm that bled a little, but it was already clotting. The warm trickle of it was a bit unnerving, but she gritted her teeth, remembering that Shayne told her to have courage. She wasn't going to even cry though it hurt! Even as Shayne asked who was still alive, people spoke their names and waved their arms. Injured people made their way towards the back of the group. Some people still had their horses even.

And then they made their way forward like the crashing of the tide, the Mad Lion's horse rearing to slam bodily into the doors to the great ballroom.


Make no further move, Lorelei, or I'll have her gutted! Grettys stood before them on the middle of the great staircase. He wore his armor proudly, his chin raised at a haughty angle, his broadsword gleaming in the light from the candelabras swinging from the ceiling. Evana's hands were tied behind her back, her body forced to its knees as Carolyn's sword menaced her even as the woman's fingers were sunk deep into Evana's dirty hair to hold her steady. A few dark bruises colored the captive woman's face. Several men stood guarding the base of the staircase and several more surrounded Grettys, Carolyn, and Evana. Carolyn was smiling wickedly, pleased for Shayne to see her station of power after he had so brutally dismissed her from the Order before.
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