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Finishing her stretch, Echo yawned. "I suppose that would make sure everybody is in a good mood right away, right? I always woke up happier if breakfast was ready when i woke up. Granted, I've been spoiled by not having to cook my own meals most my life." She chuckled quietly as she stood. "Help me carry things then. I'm sure i can manage to not scald porridge." She led the way to the packs, gathering up the supplies they needed, and came back to the fire, using the small pot they had and pouring water into it first, setting it into the coals to heat. It wouldn't take long to make porridge.


He felt her shift, and moved to accommodate her, kissing her in return as she pressed hard against him. When she finally drew back, he opened dark eyes, blinking at her. A hint of desire was rising in his gaze. Her words sent it away without struggle. Tomick started to pull away, but her strength held him in place, so he simply pulled his head back a little to look at her clearly. Questions flooded through him, even as his customary calm kept hold. How? How do you know? What's happened? The Order? One might as well have just said her father, he practically is the Order. Will we even be able to make it through Phenvast to the Complex?

His voice was quiet. "Do we ride in haste or do we continue normally? And do we keep it from the others?' He shoved down the other questions. Always the good second in command. No questions, just making sure orders are clear. It had been drilled into him. Better to not act than to act wrongly. That had never felt right to him though, when he held Shayne Lorelei in such high regard. That man acted and if it was the wrong choice he made motions to fix it, but always action was the key. Tomick was only just beginning to understand. Too long in court. I finally become a paladin, and find myself unable to win the woman I love because of how I'm always one the defensive... He shoved thoughts aside. they would be dealt with while they rode.
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