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Shad ran his hand casually down Echo's back as her hair pulled loose from his fingers as she stretched. Her sinuous grace, despite his distracted mind, caused him to stare at her. He let out a breath he hadn't realized he had been holding softly. Should we make everyone some porridge for when they wake up? They still had some ingredients in the packs to mix up and make, especially after Tomick had gone into Randatria with Mender to get some more before they had been attacked at their previous camp. I'll help if you tell me what to do. He grinned.


Whisper had long been awake by the time she felt Tomick stir. His light sigh was proof that he was awake as he shifted his arms about her to keep her close. She inched her chin up and placed her lips against his, stealing some comfort from him at this time of peace in the morning. His body pressed against hers was as hard as hers was, the tracery of muscles evident below his clothes. So she kissed him long and heavy before she finally pulled away. Phenvast burns in our absence. The Order has been accused of setting it. It was the most succinct way she could think to say it. She didn't know how else to put it, but she clung to Tomick to make him unable to pull away from her in shock. However, she did look into his eyes so he would know that she was telling him all of what little she knew. He was bound to have questions. Leosine knows, I do too.
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