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Echo smiled widely at Penelope, recognizing the emotion and connecting with the other woman through it. She knew that there were few people that would ever understand how she could love a woman like Sigh or a man like Shayne, since both of them came off as so cruel to the world, and harsh. There was no way to explain though, just how loving they were. Yes, Shayne shouted and roared, but he never did so without reason. Sigh was cruel and unforgiving, but there was more to her than that.

Her dark hair was now tangle free, Shad's fingers pulling through it smoothly. The dawn sky was lightening and Echo stretched slightly, arching her back and shoulders, cat-like. "Nearly time to get up." She knew that her sister would be up soon, and because of that, Tomick. In a few days they would be home. And all will be well once more. Daddy will be fine. She yawned slightly, tired of not getting quite as much sleep as she preferred, but not really up to complain about it.


Tomick blinked, the lightening canvas telling him that it was approaching the time to wake. He sighed lightly, closing his eyes once more and taking comfort in the feeling of his arms around Whisper.
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