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Lynnara had already begun to step aside as Shayne brushed past her. There was little she could do against the feral gleam that existed in his cruel, cold eyes. Gina had been scooped up and taken past her without giving the woman the option to say goodbye to her youngest daughter. She sobbed and sunk down in the corridor as Shayne moved onwards. Shh, Mama. Let's go find Dina. It'll be okay. I'm here. Medla had to believe that. With her father and Grahm dead, Mender and Deider absent, she was the oldest, the one who must help her mother go on. The best that she had been able to do was to clothe her littlest sister in her own armor in the hopes that she would survive the nightmare and that they would all meet again when they awoke with the dawn.


Gina stubbornly refused to cry even as they passed her mother by. She rubbed her eyes and clung to Shayne instead. He would keep her safe and she would go along. She didn't know what she could do, but she was now his apprentice which meant that she had to do what he said. He said that she was coming and so she was coming. Even the echoing weeping of her mother would not change that.


Lunira followed along behind Shayne, casting a small glance back at Lynnara Regalt and her eldest daughter in pity. We must sacrifice everything if we are to live. Nothing can be spared. Leosine teaches us this as he has since the beginning. If our God asks of us, we rise and roar to do His bidding. No beloved child or favorite dress will be held back. And I will write it all down in the Histories if... when we get through this.


Rendo hauled a felled tree against several others, wishing it were easier and not nearly as heavy when making barricades for people to use as cover. Falda had gotten the horses to safety under guard and moved the majority of the bodies herself, devoting more men to building the barricades. It was important to fortify what they could.
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