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"Good. I'd rather have it quiet for the moment. It'll be easier to slip- " He stopped speaking as his eyes fell upon Gina's mother. The large man came to a halt as he was confronted by the woman. He blinked at her with blue eyes that were as sharp as the blade on his back and the worry that sliced through her. They took in the way she was shaking, the mixture of worry and grief that was in her eyes.

Anger rose in him. How dare she defy him? He was the Chosen Son, the Mad Lion. Nobody denied him, even when what he was doing seemed completely illogical! Rage began to circle in him, and Shayne forced it down. He made himself meet her eyes, and stepped forward, letting Gina's hand go. "Lynnara..." The armor on him clanked. "I have given my entire family to Leosine. Not just once, but twice." Nobody in this Order has given more to Him than I. I gave up peace, even when I could have lived a life of it, I gave up the dance of Court for the dance of the sword. My blood spills for Leosine, the blood of any whom my sword touches, spills for Leosine. I thank him when I am alive to eat, I call for him to give me strength in battle... I gave him sanity in return for strength when I was an orphan on the streets, fighting to save my mother from a rogue... His voice tightened, a general giving orders, and not accepting arguments. Do not think I don't understand the worry that plagues you. But I do as Leosine tells me, without question because He has a reason!" The madness he was famed for was only the barest gleam in his eyes, and his face was hard and unrelenting. "Leosine gave us back Dina. I have already saved one of your children. Do you believe me so careless as to let the other come to death? Trust me, Lioness. I swear I will do anything in my power to make sure your child is returned to you without harm."

Shayne knew he could not argue with the woman. Swiftly, he turned, scooping Gina up and moving forward once again, prepared to shoulder Lynnara aside if he needed to.


It had been a bit quiet in the dungeons for a while now, and Evana was not fully sure what else she would be able to do. So far, nobody had come to check on them, but what was happening? She sighed lightly, surrounded by nobility that she had grown up with, and not sure fully if her words had gotten through to them.
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