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Gina nodded in casual acceptance of what she had been told. Her green eyes were full of the trust that she had placed in this man who had miraculously given her sister back to her with the help of Leosine. She would help.

The man who had brought the armor helped Shayne into it, making sure all the straps were fastened well, and taking the claymore and harness from the elf nearby who had begun to help Gina into her sister's oversized armor, but it had been the smallest leather that they had had available. As soon as she was suited up, a dagger belted at her side, Gina looked to Shayne. His open hand greeted her as she slid her small palm into it once more, a small smile that displayed both her nervous fear and her unyielding trust for the quest that they were about to commence on together. The other children looked on, some with hands clasped and some held the others. Dina's eyes spilled tears, but she could say nothing with her wounded throat, waving to her sister who waved back.

Lunira followed after Shayne as he moved. It was customary. Yes, Rendo is still topside. They've pulled all of the bodies away, barricades have been made, and he had men moving about to keep watch. It's been quite by all reports.

As they reached the library, Gina's mother and older sister blocked their path. Lynnara Regalt stood before them, she who had lost her husband and oldest son, Grahm, in one day as well as having lost Dina for that small time until now though it had been unknown to her at the time. Her pale face was solemn and dark all at the same time, framed by bright red curls that were heavy with sweat and dirt. You're taking her from me then? Into death? Her voice was controlled, thin as a razor's edge. Worry edged into the words unbidden.

Gina smiled at her mother, her hand still in Shayne's. Don't worry, Mama. He brought back Dina and Leosine says that I need to go with him.

Lynnara's body shook slightly though the woman firmed herself as best as she could, her eyes leaving her daughter's innocent face to move to Shayne's aged one. I have already given Leosine so many bits of my family. Why now does he want my youngest child? What can a six year old do for you, Shayne Lorelei, that you could not do yourself? Don't take my baby. Her voice was agonized now, fear lanced through it heavily.

Medla patted her mother's arm, a frown on her face. Mama, shh. The young girl at her side tried to draw her away from Shayne's path, but Lynnara was so fearful for the fledgling remainders of her family. Lunira looked on from behind Shayne and Gina, her face covered in sympathy and little else as she could do nothing for the woman.


Lucia and Exelder sat atop the building, looking down. Anything yet?

No. Lucia's voice had lost hope already.

That stupid fool! I told him to go first!

And then I'd still be the one sitting up here wondering where the last idiot was... She smacked Exelder in the arm with her hand.

Should we go back down?

Lucia snorted and rolled her eyes. And ruin what he probably sacrificed his life for? No. We've waited long enough. It's time to find a way down and get back to Shayne. Val is either dead or on his own.


A dozen or more wounds crisscrossed his body, but there was small time for him to patch himself up. At least seven more of the False Lion bastards were at his heels. Valeer Kel fled down a hall. It had been just short of miraculous that he had been able to escape the room that they had been cornered into. The pile of five bodies outside that door attested to his own cornered desperation. The back of his left hand swept over his brow, flinging the blood from his eyes and painting a white wall with the splatter. There was very little time...
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