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The whistle of the wind gripped his attention, face spinning to greet the window. He was glad, he was really glad he was not out training in it. Nev scooted to the edge of the rug, nearest he could get to the fire without leaving the Rhyn's side. Hope and Radical, what kind of names are those? He wondered quietly to himself. Nev rather liked her company, he enjoyed the flip of her tail and the flick of her ears.

"I would hate that, being the only one of my kind. I would--" He stopped prematurely, letting her finish before he showered her with more questions.

When she told him "the mountains were never boring", he felt a twinge of guilt. Embarrassed with himself on how quickly he jumped to a conclusion about where she lived. He lowered his head a bit, almost ready to apologize. Nev knew he wouldn't have liked it if someone talked ill of the Cipiter or the Ariet. He decided to stay quiet and listen carefully. It shortly became obvious to him that Radical and Hope were not the names of Hiskrs, like he originally thought, rather towns.

"The freedom to come and go must be nice!" He exclaimed (louder than he initially meant), raising his head more.

The wildness of her people interested him. The families he knew of were ones that hid behind walls of stone, and fought mercilessly over land and honor.

"Your mother must be a great person."

He leaned over the parchment as she unfolded it, eyes locking onto what was drawn upon it. His fingers initially wanted to move across the paper, wondering if they could feel the ridges and the peaks of the mountains drawn upon it. Maybe even the fur of the drawn hiskr.

"Its beautiful, who drew it?" He asked, shifting anxiously.

"I would love to meet more of your people." His eyes widened to her.

"You should come with me!" He exclaimed.

"You should come with me! I mean my group, you could come with us! I would love to show you my fathers castle. You'd love it, along its walls stone rams stand, forever guarding my family." He puffed himself up, excited for the culture exchange. Though he lacked a bit, not for words, but detail and wonderment like she had cast upon him.

Nev shifted momentarily, pulling a ring from a pouch around his belt.

"My father gave it to me," He handed her the silver ring, "its the sign of my people."

The ring was a simple one, with the Harkt ram across its surface, showcasing the Harkt name below its form.

Up stairs:

It had not hit him at first, most elfs had a gentle and effeminate look to them. Brown had always found it hard to differentiate between their sexes, unless of course there was a heavy underlying obviousness to them. He was coming to realize slowly, that this elf was in fact a women. The way she tugged the blanket upwards (keeping her breasts hidden), no man would have bothered with that. She spoke with a soft elegance, very feminine and kind. He pulled the blade away, coming to the realization the moment was more intimate that he desired. She was right, she was right about the storm and his chances in it. An unhappy look fell over his face. I don't want to trust her. What else am I to do though?

"If you turn your cloak on me, you'll regret it. I'll carve that pretty face of yours up, elf." He threatened.

He waited a moment, staring into her eyes. Not entirely sure if he was yet ready to crawl underneath the bed. Eventually he did, wriggling underneath it, and laying the blade across his chest.

"Who are you?" He asked her, long after he settled.

Sir Oryn woke, cracking his neck, and giving a yawn. Then as he met the empty bed with his eyes, a hollow feeling washed over him. Gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. Gone. How could I let this happen, how could I fail the Count? He hurried to the hall, banging loudly on both Sir Dayton and Sir Leraway's doors.
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