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At her gesture to move closer, the young squire was hesitant. Inching closer at first, then finally, plopping his butt down next to hers. Nev listened closely to her, his eyes would often nervously drift away from her. Once they found his toes, blue orbs focused as they wriggled in the firelight. Biting at his fingernails came as she answered his question. It was not the first time he did this, biting his nails was one of horrible little quirks. He was a nervous little boy, and at times very awkward. He hated himself for it.

Ren. Rin. Rhen. Rhyn. Her name echoed in his head.

"Doesn't it get boring up here though? I would get sick of all the chores--well, I have chores too, but I get to travel around with the young hawk." Nev said.

His eyes skirted away for a moment, "My name? Neven Harkt." knowing his name wouldn't be recognized.

"I noticed you were the only Hiskr here last night. Are you the only of your kind in this town?"

Up stairs:

"A dog?" She had angered him, "You--"

He readied himself to yank the blanket away from her, his fingers finding the corner nearest her feet. You'll walk, I'll make you walk. Then a noise from downstairs, the clattering of metal. Brown let loose of the blanket. He turned from her again, focusing on the door. She spoke then, this time in softer fashion. Swaying his attention for the moment. Well spoken for someone who's staying in shit hole like this. Then again so are the three I'm traveling with. A twinge of interest was kicked up as she talked, masked mostly by annoyance, one he could not kick from her. What is it thinking? What does it want from me? That look, that stupid look on its face--like hell I'd trust it.

"You seem eager to help me, why would that be?" His face gave away his thought, shirking all.

A thud came from the room next door, the room he knew belonged to that of Sir Dayton. He grimaced, moving closer to the elf. Though no other noise arose, leaving him in a helpless pit. Brown moved the blade across her neck, forcing it slightly into her skin. It was only enough push to draw a scant trace of blood. He waded longer in silence, time was not his friend, he feared the gap was closing quicker by the second.

"Why would you help me?" He asked again, desperate.
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